Sunday, 15 November 2009

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 75 Dragon

シャネルルージュアリュールラックの75 ドラゴンは日本の全てのビューティー&ハイファッション雑誌で取り上げられた今シーズンのリップカラーだと思います。2週間前に発売開始になり、グロスはオレンジレッドと表現されていますが、ルージュアリュールラックのキャンペーン写真や実際に見た感じでは、よりブルーベースのレッドに近いです。非常に発色が良いドラゴン(個人的にも、今までで最も発色の良いグロスです)は、唇に付けても容器に入った状態と全く同じで素晴らしく、深いピュアレッド

Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque in 75 Dragon is probably the most talked about lip color this season in all of the Japanese beauty and high fashion magazines. Released two weeks ago, the gloss is described as an orange-red but looks more like a blue-based red in both Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque campaign and in person. So highly pigmented, (and personally, the most pigmented gloss that I have ever encountered) Dragon, on the lips, looks exactly like the amazing, deep pure-red shade that it appears in the bottle. The shine in the gloss also prevents the lips from looking too severe which is a common problem women have when wearing a bold red lipstick. The other wonderful thing about the Rouge Allure Laque is that it is slick, sticky-free and feels quite light. Chanel beauty and red lipstick fans will absolutely love Dragon but anyone not interested in an ultra-bold red shade should probably look to the other 7 shades offered in the collection. The only downside of the Rouge Allure Laque is the price but given what it delivers, 4,305 yen (plus tax) is a somewhat fair price for a Chanel-brand lip color (in Japan) since it is no different from, or perhaps even better than, a high-quality lipstick.


Melissa~ said...

well, its Chanel right? that means expencive.
but I'm jelous, We don't have chanel make up here, just some fragances, And I want so badly some Chanel make up. Altought that color is to strong for me, is gorgeous.
love chanel, what ca I say.

Kisses En!

En エヌ said...


It's too bad there are no Chanel beauty counters in your area. The prices are about the same as YSL's so while their products are expensive, they're not that much more expensive than other department store brands, and the lip makeup is top-notch. What is your favourite Chanel perfume?

Melissa~ said...

I love COCO MADEMOISELLE and chance.thank god we have chanel fragances here xD Why?
What is yours?

Old Cow said...

I love rouge laque!! I have MING but this looks delightful!

En エヌ said...

I don't have one but I would love to own a Chanel perfume. =)

Old Cow,
Ming seems like a very attractive color, too.

cornerofhope said...

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