Monday, 18 May 2009

LUSH ココ夏ホリデー (Big Calm) Shower Jelly


Body wash sold in Japan, including foreign brands tailored to the Japanese market, are made for more oily-prone (not dry) skin. For example, Dove's body wash in the US is thick and creamy while the same wash sold in Japan is very thin and not nearly as moisturizing. Though I've been using Johnson and Johnson's Extra Care Dry Skin Body Wash, which is more moisturizing than most other body washes in Japan, my skin still feels dry after getting out of the shower. Last week, I stepped into LUSH and in addition to purchasing a couple of other products, I got their shower jelly in Coconatsu Holiday (AKA: Big Calm Shower Jelly). Coconatsu Holiday contains coconut and pineapple extract and has a very tropical scent that smells like the cocktail China Blue. You need no more than a teaspoon of the jelly to get a nice foamy lather and the jelly not only cleans well but feels incredibly gentle. Once I dried off, my skin was amazingly smooth and hydrated and did not even need moisturizing. The eczema on my right hand had significantly improved and I smelled quite good, too. I think LUSH's shower jelly has yielded the best results out of all of the body washes that I have ever used and I am seriously considering switching to their jellies in the future. Their shower jellies are also vegan and great for all skin types. The only downside to the wash is that it is a jelly which not as easy to use as something in a pump or bottle and it's a bit pricey. 980 yen including tax.

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