Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lipstick Queen Medieval-Tinted Treatment

Australian-born Poppy King began her first makeup line when she was just 18 years old. She focused solely on producing opaque, deep colored lipsticks. Although her company was liquidated in 1998, she moved to New York and returned stronger than ever with the launch of a new makeup brand, "Lipstick Queen." The award-winning Lipstick Queen offers highly pigmented, high-quality lipsticks and lip glosses praised by major fashion magazines across the globe. In August of 2008, Poppy published Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, sharing her experiences and success as a young entrepreneur.

オーストラリア生まれのポピー・キングはたったの18歳で初めてメイクラインを作りました。不透明な濃い口紅だけに集中しました。会社が1998年に清算しましたが、ポピーはニューヨークに移り、「リップスティック・クィーン」という新しいメイクブランドを開始しました。賞を受賞したリップスティック・クィーンはとても発色が良く、高品質なリップスティックとリップグロスを提供、世界のメジャーファッション雑誌に注目されています。2008年の8月に、ポピーはビジネスアドバイスや自分のビジネス経験や成功の話をLessons of a Lipstick Queenというタイトルにして本を出版しました。

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get a hold of Lipstick Queen products in Japan, though the brand was recently noted in Vogue Nippon. There are one or two Japanese websites that carry LQ but they charge almost three times the original price so I recommend ordering from online stores based outside Japan. I ordered my Lipstick Queen products from the US Barneys New York (the Barneys in Tokyo does not carry LQ) which sadly does not ship to Japan.

最近Vogue Nipponで紹介されましたが、残念ながら日本ではリップスティック・クィーンの商品を手に入れるのがとても難しいです。いくつかの国内サイトでリップスティック・クィーンの物を売っていますが、本来の値段の3倍近い値段で売られていますので、外国のオンラインストアから注文することをオススメします。私はアメリカのBarneys New Yorkから注文しましたが、(東京のBarneysではリップスティック・クィーンのものが無いのです)日本には発送してくれません。

Lipstick Queen's Medieval was inspired by the Medieval practice of using lemons to stain the lips blood red. The lip treatment contains Vitamin E and has a berry-red tint. It is quite smooth and somewhat shiny. I would not recommend using this product on heavily chapped lips but it does help smooth slightly dry lips. Because it is tinted, it can also be worn as a sheer lipstick. The packaging is very appealing and very "medieval" -the lip treatment comes in a dark red tube attached to an upside-down tarot card. What I love about Lipstick Queen is how the brand is so devoted to creating pigmented, true-red lipsticks that have a nostalgic, old Hollywood feel. You can really sense Poppy King's enthusiasm for lipstick in her products which is why, I believe, Lipstick Queen is so popular today. The Medieval-Tinted Treatment is $20USD.



Jani said...

I love lipstick queen products! I'm just lucky we have them in stock at our local department store counter in New Zealand!

pathrecords said...

It will not succeed as a matter of fact, that is what I consider.

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