Monday, 20 April 2009

Nintendo 大人のDS顔トレーニング (Facening)


Nintendo's Otona no DS Kao Training (Face Training for Adults) is a face training software game for NDS Lite that includes a video camera to record your facial expressions as you exercise your face. Much like Fumiko's facial yoga, DS Kao Training works facial muscles to reduce fat, tighten skin and increase elasticity. In addition to warm ups and and face tests, there are sixteen different facial exercises offered in the game. You can create your own exercise program tailored to your needs and target specific problem areas that give you concern.


The facial exercises in DS Kao Training are simple yet surprisingly intense. The camera not only allows you to see yourself as you do the exercises but also takes and saves screen captures on your DS while you are training. This allows you to track your progress and check the accuracy of your facial expressions during the exercises. What is most amazing about Otona no DS Kao Training is that the camera can actually scan and identify your individual facial features and let you know exactly how high to raise your eyebrows or how far you should move your lips back. The game can also test and rate the accuracy of your facial movements, providing you with a score of 0 to 100%.

任天堂の大人のDS顔トレーニングを文美子さんのフェイシャルヨガと比べると、文美子さんのエクササイズはもっと顔用のピラティスといった感じで、DS顔トレーニングの方が顔のためのヨガみたいな物に近いと思います。文美子さんは表情筋の動きを中心としていますが、DS顔トレーニングはその筋肉のポジションとコントロールを強調しています。フェイシャルヨガよりDSのゲームをしている時の方が、より筋肉の働きを感じますが、両方ともそれぞれ違うトレーニングなので、どっちの方が良いかどうかはハッキリとは言えません。文美子さんのフェイシャルヨガのDVDでは身体の動きまで組み入れられていますが、DS顔トレーニングは顔だけです。この任天堂のゲームのテクノロジーはとても感動的ですが、価格は1500円(Amazon Japanから)という大バーゲンセール商品です(秋葉原では900円で売っているお店も見たことがあります)。表情筋のエクササイズをする方は絶対に手に入れないとダメだと思います。ただひとつ不満な点は、NDSライトのみで新しいNDS iモデルでは使えません。任天堂がこの問題をなんとか解消してくれることを祈っています。

If I were to compare Nintendo's DS Kao Training to Fumiko's Facial Yoga, I would say that Fumiko's facial exercises are in fact more like a form of facial Pilates whereas DS Kao Training is yoga for the face. Fumiko emphasizes the actual movement of muscles while DS Kao Training focuses on the position and control of muscles and holding facial expressions in place. I feel my facial muscles work much harder during the DS game but each takes such a different approach to face training that it is hard to say which is better. Fumiko incorporates full body movements in her Facial Yoga DVD while DS Kao Training is centered solely on the face. However, the technology of Nintendo's game is very impressive and for 1500 yen (through Amazon Japan), Otona no DS Kao Training is a complete steal. (I have even seen the game on sale for 900 yen in Akihabara.) This is something you absolutely must have if you are someone who practices face training. My only complaint is that the game is not compatible with the newer NDS models but hopefully Nintendo will do something to remedy this problem.

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