Wednesday, 21 January 2009

InnerSignal Rejuvenate Mask

InnerSignal is a fairly young skincare brand under the pharmaceutical company, Otsuka, known for Calorimate, Pocari Sweat and Oronamin C. The cosmetics brand emphasizes the "inner" aspects of skincare, turn over and AMP (adenosine monophosphate) in particular, and the overall signaling of cells to help rejuvenate skin. InnerSignal's products have won a number of awards and continues to garner more and more attention from the Japanese beauty community.

インナーシグナルは結構若いスキンケアブランドで大塚製薬、 Calorimate、Pocari Sweat、とオロナミンCのメーカーのものです。このコスメブランドはスキンケアの「インナー」(inner)を中心に、特にターンオーバーとAMP(アデノシンーリン酸)、具体的には細胞を活性化するシグナルを発することを強みとしています。インナーシグナルの商品は色々な賞を取り、日本のビューティ世界で注目されています。

I recently tried InnerSignal's Rejuvenate Mask that came with an issue of Voce. Like the majority of the brand's products, the mask contains no artificial coloring, no mineral oil additives and no alcohol. It is gentle and safe for all skin types. The sheet mask is supposed to help prevent the freckling of skin and leave the face moisturized and soft. It is worn for 10-15 minutes and suggested that you use one once a week.

最近Voceに付いてきたインナーシグナルのリジュブネイトマスクを試してみました。ブランドのほとんどの商品と同じ、無香料、無着色、鉱物油無添加 アルコールフリーでした。どんな肌にも優しいです。シートマスクはシミを防ぎ、肌あれをなめらかにすると言われます。一回に10〜15分間付けて、週に一回マスクを利用することを勧めています。

Although sheet masks tend to be large, InnerSignal's Rejuvenate Mask didn't require much folding or reshaping. (What is interesting is that while most eye holes for sheets masks are very round and wide/tall, the axial length is almost always short. However, InnerSignal's eye hole was longer and not as round, which is perhaps more realistic. Although my eyes are not particularly long, I find that sheet masks tend to come uncomfortably close to the edges of my eyes.) It also contained a good amount of milky extract that was soothing upon application. What I like most about the mask was that that is was not sticky at all and my skin still remained smooth and hydrated hours later. I can see why the Rejuvenate Mask does well in sheet mask rankings, sometimes even placing above SKII's highly acclaimed masks. I believe this may very well be the best sheet mask for my skin type. The only downside is the price. It costs 8,400yen for one set of 6 masks that is supposed to last a month and a half. That is 1,400yen per mask. It's still less expensive than SKII but certainly not cheap. Although I'm not sure I'll be able to indulge in InnerSignal's mask, I am now interested in what else they have to offer.

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