Thursday, 26 March 2009

Beauty on Youtube

Today, I thought I would share my favourite beauty and makeup-related youtube-rs.

ローレン.ルーク(panacea81)は多分、youtubeで一番有名になっているイギリス人メークアーティスト。彼女のビデオはハリウッドスターをインスパイアしたルックビデオでアイメイクを中心としたものが多いですが、ファンデーションの付け方や可愛い唇の作り方のビデオもあります。ローレンはyoutubeであまりにも人気になり、自分のコスメラインを出したり、イギリスの新聞The Guardianのコラム欄を担当したり、5月には任天堂DSのゲームも発売されるそうです。

Lauren Luke (panacea81) is probably the most popular British makeup artist made famous by youtube. Her videos include step-by-step instructions on how to achieve celebrity inspired looks and although her main focus is eye makeup, she also has tutorials on how to apply foundation and how to create the perfect pout. Due to her immense popularity on youtube, she now has her own cosmetics line, a regular column in The Guardian, and will star in a Nintendo DS game to be released in May.


Michelle Phan (MichellePhan) is an art student from Boston who, at the young age of 21, already has her own cosmetics line, IQQU. Her youtube videos include makeup how-tos and hair styling tips but what I find most interesting are her homemade skincare product tutorials. Although I have not tried it myself, her aspirin mask has received rave reviews.


manwomanfilm is a youtuber from Japan who posts energetic and fun videos that often feature captivating couture makeup. While some of her looks may be too dramatic for some, her use of color is amazing. She also does an incredible job of matching her makeup to her outfits and hair, and has excellent taste in music. The products manwomanfilm uses are very affordable, some even coming from Daiso (100 yen shop). It's hard to believe she is not a model. She definitely belongs in a fashion magazine!


kuri said...

wow, interesting selections! Look forward to checking out the videos.

En エヌ said...

Thank you for commenting, kuri. =)

I hope you enjoy the them. I think Manwomanfilm's videos are especially fun.

With Love, Elle said...

OMG i love this woman she makes MU so interesting! thanks for sharing!

En エヌ said...

With Love, Elle,

No problem. She is really amazing and fun. =)

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