Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Missha Hot Burning Body Gel


Missha's Hot Burning Body Gel is another beauty product I purchased in Seoul that I had not seen in the Missha stores in Japan (although it is available at the Missha Japan online store.) Hot Burning Body Gel is a cellulite-fighting, firming gel that can be used to reshape the body. It contains pepper and bitter orange extract, green tea, caffeine, as well as menthol and peppermint oil. Although I am not quite at the age where I need to worry about cellulite, I am concerned about what will happen to my body as I age. Due to the pepper extract and menthol in its formula, Hot Burning Body Gel really does feel like your skin is on fire when it is applied. It is more of an uncomfortable than painful sensation. It does not take long for the gel to be absorbed into the skin and it does temporarily firm the area where it has been absorbed. Research has shown that cellulite "eliminating" products do little to help combat cellulite in the long term and the best way to prevent cellulite and sagging skin is to regularly exercise. But I am pleased enough with Hot Burning's temporary firming effects to use it every night in addition to exercising everyday. (The bitter orange smell is too strong to use it during the day). While most cellulite creams, even the drugstore variety, are on the expensive side, Hot Burning Body Gel only cost me 9000 won (about 650 yen) for a whole 200ml which is quite a steal.

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