Tuesday, 16 February 2010

豆腐の盛田屋 豆乳よーぐるとぱっく「玉の輿」(Soy Yogurt Face Mask, "Tama no Koshi")


The soy yogurt face pack "Tama no Koshi" from the Moritaya tofu company has been one of the top selling facial masks on the Daimaru Department store webshop. It contains a mixture of soy-based yogurt, lactoferrin (LF) and royal jelly to brighten and soften the skin. To use the mask, apply a generous amount of the product to the whole face and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Because the mask is quite thick and sticky, it is recommended that you use a cotton ball or pad to remove some of the product before washing it completely off with water.


Though the mask is advertised as a mild skincare product free of dyes or parabens, it contains alcohol and fragrance. After I washed off Tama no Koshi, I found that my face was completely covered in large red bumps. Though my skin did feel softer, it was itchy and irritated and took a couple of days to completely recover. According to reviews at @cosme, may others have also had poor experiences with this mask. There are a number of positive reviews of Tama no Koshi but my own experience makes me reluctant to recommend this product to anyone. Tama no Koshi is 1,575 yen (including tax) not including shipping.


Old Cow said...

oooh sorry about the bumps :( I hate it when i react badly to new products.

さらまり said...

Yeah that is too bad that it affected your skin. Thanks for the review, I have sensitive skin so I will have to avoid that it seems.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing some DIY face treatments, including a yogurt mask, and it has left my skin feeling softer. I don't have sensitive skin, but resistant skin. Both are extremes and it's hard to find products that work :{ Still trying to find out what works for my breakouts.

Btw, I found a distant cousin of Roro-chan and I want you to name him please:


Melissa~ said...

sometimes that happens for the ingredienst of the product, as the soy yogurt. Specialy when you ahve sensitive skin, I don't know if it's your case.

Kisses En!

Anonymous said...


I've just bumped into your blog and I love reading all your posts (slowly went to read all your past entries)..

I was wondering if you would review MUJI products anytime in the future?

- Pins

En エヌ said...

Old Cow,
Thank you for commenting. I was really hoping that the mask would work but now I've got a whole jar of product that I can't even use. =(

Thank you for commenting. I'm glad to hear that you found the review helpful.

Thank you for commenting. Do you have any DIY masks that you would recommend? Resistant skin sounds like a pain, too. Breakouts are definitely the worst.

Utoshi is the one who named Roro-chan but how about Kero-chan?

Thank you for commenting. I think it might have been the alcohol in the mask that caused the reaction. My skin is usually fine when it comes to soy or yogurt skincare products but alcohol often irritates my skin. =(

Hello Pins,
Thank you for the kind comment. I'm not a fan of MUJI cosmetic products (although I do use a lot of their interior/lifestyle products) but I will keep an eye out the next time I'm at their store.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, a reaction :( I'm sorry that happened! Usually exfoliants are particularly tricky with sensitive skintypes :(

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