Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco in 31 Cambon

シャネルルージュココも、今季お気に入りのリップスティックのひとつです。ルージュ・ヴォリュプよりは微かに発色が少ない(とは言うものの、それで も発色は良いです)ですが、ルージュココは驚くほど滑らかで、カラーを落とした後でも美しい色合いが長時間にわたって持続します。とても軽くてバターのような質感で、唇に付けるとすぐに馴染んで、 まるで何も塗っていないかのような感じがします。雑誌Voceでモデル中川希良が使っていた色を見て、私は31 カンボンを購入しましたが、この色は色白、ピントーン、暗い色の髪をした方にオススメします。カンボンは若々しいチェリーピンクの赤色で、シャネルの本店があるパリのカンボン通り31番地にちなんで名付けられていま す。このリップスティックは高価な部類に入りますが、そのパフォーマンスと使いやすさを考えると、ルージュココは賢明な投資と言えるのではないかと思います。ルージュココは1つ3,750円(税込)です。

Chanel's Rouge Coco also happens to be one of my favorite lipsticks of the season. Though slightly less pigmented as Rouge Volupté (but still very pigmented nonetheless), Rouge Coco is incredibly smooth and even after it wears off, leaves a beautiful stain that lasts for hours. The formula is so light and buttery that as soon as it is applied, it melts into your lips and feels as though you are not wearing anything at all. I purchased 31 Cambon after seeing the shade on model Kira Nakagawa in an issue of Voce (image on the left) and I highly recommend the shade to any pale-faced, pink-toned, dark-haired gal interested in the Chanel lip color line. Cambon is a youthful, cherry pink-red, named after 31 rue Cambon in Paris where the House of Chanel is located. The lipstick is on the expensive side but considering its performance and wearability, I would say that Rouge Coco is a wise investment. One Rouge Coco shade is 3,750 yen (including tax).


greystrawberrys said...

I should really try red lipstick! Maybe it would look nice? I'm not so sure >_< It looks good on everybody else though! xox

Melissa~ said...

I'm so gonna buy one of these, if they are available in my country of course.
I love evrysingle color.
amazing review En.


Melissa~ said...

oh! and I was waiting for this review ^^
I loved the picture of the model, she looks really gorgeous.

En エヌ said...


Thank you for dropping by! =) Cambon is a slightly more subtle, youthful lipstick that I think would appeal to anyone wanting to try a red lipstick that's not too bold or severe. If it doesn't work for you, there are over 30 different Rouge Coco shades to try.

The color swatches on the official Chanel websites are not accurate at all, however. If you do plan to purchase a Rouge Coco lipstick, I highly recommend checking them out in person first.


Thank you again. =) I think all Chanel Beautys carry Rouge Coco so it should be available at Chanel counters in Chile.

Melissa~ said...

I hope so. This past summer I went for my ultra famous green nailpolish, and they didn't have it, they never had it, in chile we have just one chanel make up stand, and they don't have everything, is quite sad.
So wish me luck ^^

En エヌ said...

Hi Melissa,

I'm so sad to hear that the Jade vernis never arrived in Chile. I never got the opportunity to see it in person in Japan, either. =( Apparently, there are Maybelline and Essie shades that are almost exactly the same as the Chanel Jade. Are either of those brands available near you? I think I might go looking for these nail polishes.

Melissa~ said...

yeah, we have maybelline, and I bought a lot of maybelline nailpolish, but I didn't see the jade one. Maybelline is super popular here, and it has such good prices.
I found a color similar to the chanel one, I posted it on pupe, is a brand call Pamela Grant.


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