Friday, 18 June 2010

Majolica Majorca Blooming Dream Eyes in 真夜中の夢(2)


I have very little to say about Majolica Majorca's Blooming Dream Eyes limited edition palette. It is exactly what you would expect to see from the Shiseido makeup brand: cute packaging and eye shadows that are shimmery and somewhat pigmented. But nothing particularly exciting.

ブリーミングドリームアイズのパレットには4色のアイシャドウが入っています:アイベース、ニュアンスカラー、シャドウカラー、アイグロスです。アイベースはまぶた全体に塗り、ニュアンスカラーは目頭から目の中央にかけて目尻から目の中央にかけて使うシャドウカラーと馴染ませます。アイグロスは下瞼に使用します (使用方法を見るには、HOW TOをクリックして下さい)。ニュアンスカラーとシャドウカラーはパウダータイプのシャドウで、アイベースはクリームタイプ、アイグロスはグロスそのものです。そのラメ入りのグロスは最初ベト付きませんが、時間が経つと少しベタつきを感じます。

The Blooming Dream Eyes Palette comes with four different eye shadows: an eye base, nuance color, shadow color and eye gloss. The eye base is applied to the whole eye hole while the nuance color is applied to the inner corner of the eyelid and blended into the shadow color, which is applied to the outer corner of the eyelid. The eye gloss is used to line the base of the eye. (Click on HOW TO to watch the MM tutorial.) While both the nuance color and shadow color are powdered eye shadows, the eye-base is a cream-based shadow and the eye gloss is an actual gloss. The sparkly gloss is not sticky at first but feels a bit sticky over time.


The shadows for the Midnight Dream (2) palette look much brighter when applied but fade rather quickly. The eye gloss just seems impractical but the pearly eye base is quite pretty in a subtle way. There is a lot of shimmer in these shadows and some might find them too sparkly for work. I do like the purple and pink shadows but wish they were a little more pigmented. Overall, the Blooming Dream Eyes palette is more of a collectible item for MM fans than a must-have palette. One limited edition Blooming Dream Eyes is 1680 yen (including tax).


Shilka said...

I also got this palette (my first ever MM), and I was surprised how faded the colors look on the lid. Nevertheless it's still pretty, and the packaging is cute.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors combination! Soo~ tender and really lovely! Does it limited edition?
I would like to have such too!

En エヌ said...

For some reason the MM palettes are never quite as pigmented as their individual shadows. Although their makeup in general tends to veer on the sheer side. But yes, always cute packaging which is probably what makes them so popular.

Thank you for commenting. Yes, it is limited edition. Their makeup books/palettes are always limited edition, unfortunately.

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