Monday, 21 June 2010

THREE シマリング カラー ヴェール (Shimmering Color Veil) in 20 Ziggy

THREEコスメティックスは去年の秋に日本でデビューしたオーガニックメイクとスキンケアのブランドです。スキンケアでは"ナチュラル"、メイクアップでは"エッジィ"なアプローチを強調しています。ポイントメイクの中で最も人気のある商品はシマリング カラー ヴェールです。他のルースパウダー用のアイシャドウと違って、シマリング カラー ヴェールはドライではなく、肌につけるとすぐに浸透していきます。パウダーはとてもソフトでスムーズ、非常に上品なクオリティです。乾いた状態でもそれなりに発色が良いですが、より発色を良くして長持ちさせるためには、少し濡らして使用すると良いです。お望みのルックに仕上げるために、ほんの少しのパウダーを使うだけで大丈夫です。このシャドウにはラメが一杯入っていて輝きのレベルが凄いです。シマリング カラー ヴェールは職場環境には全く適しませんので気を付けて下さい。

THREE Cosmetics
is an organic makeup and skincare brand that debuted in Japan last fall. While emphasizing the "natural" in skincare, THREE takes an "edgy" approach to makeup. Their most popular point make up product is the Shimmering Color Veil. Unlike other loose powder eye shadows, the Shimmering Color Veil is not dry and melts right into the skin once applied. The powder is incredibly soft and smooth, and of superior quality. Though fairly pigmented dry, to increase its power and longevity, apply the shadow wet. You only need a tiny bit of powder to achieve whatever look you desire. The shadow is chock-full of shimmer and the sparkle is intense. Shimmering Color Veil is definitely not for the office.

20 Ziggyはダークカーキブラウンで軽めの金色ラメが入っています。私は今までこれほどキラキラしたアイシャドウを見た事がありません。驚く程に軽い付け心地で、ラメが沢山入っているにもかかわらず、全くチクチクしません。Ziggyはスモーキーアイルックに最適で、特にブラウンヘアーの方に似合うと思います。アイシャドウを落とす時には必ずメイクリムーバーを使う事が大事です。ラメがとても落としにくいので、私のオススメはまずコットン等で拭き落とすことです。

20 Ziggy is described as a dark khaki brown with light gold shimmer. I do not think I have ever seen such a sparkly eye shadow before. It feels incredibly light on the eye and though it is very shimmery, it does not irritate at all. Ziggy probably works best for a smokey eye look, especially for brunettes. It is important to use makeup remover when removing the eye shadow and I highly recommend wiping it off with a cotton ball or pad first, because the shimmer is very difficult to remove.

個人的に、ルースパウダー用のシャドウは使うと散らかってしまうので好きではなかったのですが、THREEのシャドウの素晴らしいクオリティのおかげで、考え方が変わりました。今度は白や薄いピンクのシャドウを試してみたいです。シマリング カラー ヴェールは3,675円(税込み)です。

I do not usually care for loose powder eye shadows because of the mess but the excellent quality of THREE's shadows has changed my mind. I would love to try a white or pale pink shadow next. One Shimmering Color Veil is 3,675 yen (including tax).


With Love, Elle said...

thats some really nice colours! yeah i have the same feeling of using loose powder because im such a klutz (clumsy) so it will be a big mess for how do you apply yours? does it comes with an eyeshadow brush?
which pink u gonna get? 02, 06, 23? yeah i check out the website ^^

xoxo elle
ps: thanks for visiting my blog! yup the coffret colours are not that pigmented, got to use eye primer and really loads of it so that the colour will come out..i reckon i will hit the pan soon lol

Anonymous said...

Hi En!

It's been a while. Thanks for the welcome back! I'm not wearing/buying a whole lot of makeup these days XD

coffretgorge said...

en that is such a beautiful color! the shimmers are dazzling too! :)

thank you for the kind words! xx :)

greystrawberrys said...

I'm really into the burnished gold colour at the moment <3 I find it really sexy and summery than black atm.

Excellent post, as I HATE pigments, I just never buy them, the last ones I had just emptied all over my make up bag over everything >_< so I was really pleased when you said you got on with them and previously felt the same way about loose powders.

Ahh I love your blog <3 Its so unique, teach me japanese! <3 <3

Hope your well!


Melissa~ said...

I'm glad that is a organic and it's good. That's a greta combination.
the colors look so sofisticated. I really love it. And is very shiny, I love that too.

Kisses En!! Thanks for your comment! I love hear (or read) about you in my blog ^^)

En エヌ said...

With Love, Elle,
Thank you for commenting and returning my question about the Coffret palette. I haven't really decided about the Three shadows. Maybe 02, 06 or 18... We'll see. =)

Thank you for commenting. Hope you continue blogging regardless.

Thank you for your kind words!

Thank you for commenting. Ziggy really is a great earthy, smokey shade for this season. I hate it when makeup leaks or spills all over everything! For me, it's usually sticky gloss. The THREE cap seems pretty tight and secure although I will continue to keep it in its box.

I really enjoy your blog, as well. =)

Going organic does seem to be a trend but it is unusual for a department store brand to go completely organic. Thank you for your kind words, as always. =)

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