Saturday, 23 January 2010

Givenchy Le Prisme Eyes Mono in 02

先週の金曜日、16 ル・プリズム・アイズ・モノを含むジバンシィの2010 スプリング ポイントメイクアップ コレクションが日本で発売されました。ル・プリズム・アイズ・モノのコンパクトは4色とも同じ色ですが、それぞれが異なる質感になっています。左上から時計回りに、ライト パーリィ、インテンス パーリィ、スパンコール(ラメ)、マットです。シャドウを付けるためのティアドロップ型のスポンジ ティップが付いており、4つの異なる質感を楽しむための説明書きも付いています。コンパクト本体にマグネットを使用しており、不注意で開いてしまうのを防ぎます。そのせいでコンパクトが開けにくいと思う人もいるようですが、私にはさほど問題ではありません。

Friday last week, Givenchy released their 2010 Spring Point Makeup Collection in Japan, including 16 Le Prisme Eyes Mono shades. In each Le Prisme Eyes Mono compact are four shadows of the same shade, each with a different finish. Starting clockwise from the top left, you have a Light Pearly shadow, an Intense Pearly shadow, a Sequined shadow (a shimmery shadow) and Matte shadow. A teardrop-shaped sponge-tip to apply the shadows is included it each Le Prisme, as well as instructions on how to work the different shadows. The compact also magnetic to keep the case from inadvertently opening. Some find this makes it difficult to open the compact but it has not been much of a problem for me.

シャドウは驚くほどに滑らかでシルキィ、柔らかく肌にすぐ馴染みます。ル・プリズム・アイズ・モノがどれほど発色が良いか、私が買った02 New Look Mauveの色が非常に薄いので難しいです。私の明るい肌ではほとんど見えませんが、やや暗めから暗めの肌の方が色がよく見えると思います。私の場合、シャドウの発色具合で決断する前に、少し暗めのカラーを試さないといけないと思います。シャドウの質感(ライト パーリィ、インテンス パーリィ等)の説明は正確ですが、スパンコールがいくらかキラキラしており、これは私の好きな感じに近いですが、とてもキラキラしたメイクが好きな方には物足りないかもしれません。ル・プリズム・アイズ・モノは香りが付いていますが、そこまで強くはありません。ル・プリズム・アイズ・モノは3,780円(税込み)です。

The shadows are incredibly smooth, silky, soft and blend instantly into the skin. It is hard to say how pigmented Le Prisme is because the shade I purchased, 02 New Look Mauve, is a very subtle shade. It barely shows on my pale skin but the color would probably show better on someone with a medium to dark skin tone. I think I will have to try a darker shade before making any final judgments on the pigmentation of the shadows. However, the descriptions of the shadow finishes (light pearly, intense pearly, etc) are accurate though the Sequined shadow is only somewhat sparkly, which is closer to my tastes but perhaps too subtle for those who like very shimmery makeup. It is important to note that Le Prisme Eyes Mono is scented, however, the fragrance is subtle. One Le Prisme Eyes Mono is 3,780 yen (including tax).


Anonymous said...

OMG! Color looks very tender and soft! Good for winter ^^

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I love the purple shade very much! ^^
It's warm but still look very elegant, perfect for a night event.. :)

Melissa~ said...

From Givenchy I just know the clothes (of course) and some fragances. They make up is not available here ( what a surprise) sadly, because I really like this eyeshadow,but something that bother me is the fact that , at least in the picture, the colors looks very similar. Do they work good together?

Kisses En!

Hyuna said...

beautiful color! thankyou for the revieww...I'll be on the look out for it xD

En エヌ said...

Yes, it is a lovely winter color on the right skin color, I think. Thank you for commenting.

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^,
It's supposed to be a cool shade but for some reason looks warmer in the photo. It's much more cool-toned in person (though I think would look nice on someone with warm tones.) Thank you for commenting.

I'm not sure if you caught it in the review but the shadows are all the same color. However, they each has a different finish. I think it is a very interesting concept but the shade I chose is so light and sheer that it is kind of hard to say how good they work together. I might go back and try a darker shade. Thank you for commenting.

Thank you for the kind comment. There are a lot of interesting shades.

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