Friday, 15 January 2010

ウクライナからの贈り物 A Package from Ukraine Part 2


My Ukrainian friend Utoshi sent me another large package of special treats. Among them included several cosmetic goodies, fashion accessories and wonderful handmade items.

Here we have Avon's strawberry-scented Color Trend Soft 'n' Sweet lipblam.

Here we have an Avon's strawberry-scented Color Trend Soft 'n' Sweet lipblam.

Flossy's Strawberry hand soap.

Fruttini's Lychee Vanilla Body Spray.

Le Patissier's Dark Cherry Shortcake Bath Towel and Magnet set.

イブ・ロシェのブラックベリー シャワージェルです。
Yve Rocher's Blackberry Shower Gel.

Mariella Rossiの蘭とアーモンドミルクのラグジュアリー ボディー ローションです。
Mariella Rossi's Orchid and Almond Milk Luxury Body Lotion.

ランコムのツ― ブラッシャー チークカラーの03です。
Lancôme's Two Blusher in 03.

ランコムのジューシーチューブUltra Shinyの41です。
Lancôme's Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny in 41.

Fleur's Ultra Pearl Eyeshadow in E47 and E13

Golden Rose's Holographic Color polishes in 109 and 118.

エッセンスブランドのリキッドアイシャドウの04easy goingです。
Essence's liquid eyeshadow in 04 easy going.

ブルジョワの1カラーブラッシャー & 5カラーアイシャドウセットの3です。
Bourjois' 1-Color Blusher & 5-Color Eye Shadow set in 3.

Utoshi made this pretty pink mobile strap herself.


And saving the best for last, this is Roro-chan, a bunny mobile strap that Utoshi sewed with my favorite colors.


As for other non-beauty-related items, she sent me a Strawberry Shortcake pen, an Eeyore mobile strap, an adorable hair bow and a black candy-bead pony tail holder. (For more detailed photos of these individual items, please check my poupee.)

私がお茶オタクだと知って、グリーンフィールド ティーのアソート セレクションとウクライナの飴、彼女の国の有名な建物のポストカードも送ってくれました。上のポストカードはマリインスキー宮殿、怪物屋敷(ホロデツキ邸宅とも呼ばれています)、そして聖ニコラス教会 アスコルドの墓です。

Knowing that I am a complete tea-fanatic, she also sent me an assorted selection of Greenfield teas, some Ukrainian hard candies and postcards of famous landmarks in her native country. From the top is the Marrinsky Palace, then we have the House with Chimeras (also known as Gorodetsky's House) and at the bottom is St. Nicholas' Church at Askold's Grace.


All of the items came this beautiful handcrafted bag.

Thank you again, Utoshi-chan, for all of the lovely gifts.


Old Cow said...

Wonderful treats! The strawberry soap actually looks delicious

utoshi-san said...

Nyaa~~~ <3 I love your new entry! Thanks, dear, that you post my presents ^^ I`m soo~ happy that you like all gifts! Next time I`ll try buy MORE items for you! Send package was expensive, but I`ll try send next one as soon as possible! And I wanna say that your photos adorable like always! Love you!

With Love, Elle said...

ive neva see such a cute Bourjois' e/s!!! really unique n so kawaii! totally agreed wif utoshi, ur photos are superbly good!

xoxo elle

Melissa~ said...

My god so many beautifull things!!!
Love the make up, and the handmade things.

Utoshi is so adorable

Kisses En!

Robolegojupiter said...

Aww internet buddies! I have yet to find mine @_@ I'm located in Austria now, so English speaking friends are to find

En エヌ said...

Hi Old Cow,
And it smells delicious, too! Thank you for commenting.

Hi Utoshi,
Thank you so much. Everything is very lovely and I especially cherish the handmade items. But don't feel obligated to spend so much money! Just spending time with you on poupee is wonderful enough. =) Thank you again.

With Love, Elle,
Thank you for commenting. We have Bourjois in Japan, too, but only get a fraction of the collections released in Europe. The Bourjois set is one of those special items that didn't make it over here and I'm very grateful to have it.

Thank you for dropping by. Yes, Utoshi is so adorable and very generous, too! A great friend to have.

Hi Robolegojupiter,
Thank you for commenting. Poupee/Pupe is a great place to meet others interested in makeup and fashion although it is largely a Japanese-speaking community. For some reason I always thought that Austrians were fairly proficient in English like a lot of other Europeans but I guess that is not the case?

I would love to visit Austria some day.

utoshi-san said...

( TT 3TT) nuy~ you don`t want got package from me anymore? *sigh* But I bought some things for my next package for you...

En エヌ said...


What I mean is I don't want you to spend so much money.

Robolegojupiter said...

Hi En =^~^=

Poupee looks really fun but I doubt I'll have time for it since I have already neglected my Zombie roll on Facebook Pet Society, consumed with Blogger, and still need to make time for my painting!

Austrians learn English in school but they don't get to practice it since it is rare that English speaking people would live here. I'm about 30-40 min. driving distance from Vienna, and even the people who work there cannot speak English so well; some don't even know how to, although they advertise as being able to.

You are welcome to come visit me in Austria anytime! :) We should get to know one another. I would like to have girl friends again.

=^~^= Stephanie

Shilka said...

ah, that strawberry soap looks so cute :D

En エヌ said...


Poupee is very addicting and time consuming, too. What is this Zombie Roll? You can have zombie pets on facebook? =)

Austria sounds a lot like Japan in terms of their English education. But it must be wonderful living so close to a city like Vienna. So many site-seeing opportunities and great music. I really wish I could visit.

Thank you for commenting. Yes, it's very cute!

Robolegojupiter said...

Hi En,

Yes, Zombie Roll is my pet from "Pet Society" game application on Facebook. You can check him out here:

He's a zombie because I made him with hollow holes instead of eyes.@+@

Vienna is very pretty and has many old buildings; the most beautiful are always churches though. To me, it has a very touristy small-city feeling, and arts/crafts/comic conventions are hard to come by here.

We don't go very often because it is extremely hard to find parking, hard to find the places we want to go even with a GPS *it doesn't find all the places* (one-way streets everywhere), the train stops running about midnight if we want to go out late, his best friend has no car, and also gas is expensive. Every time we go out we drive for at least 2 hours there and back. I don't have a job and won't for a long while.

My favorite site-seeing was Forchenstein castle. I'm interested in visiting more castles.

As for the music, electronic seems to be extremely popular in the EU (along with taking drugs while listening to it, but I don't). I'm very picky about music/bands; most of the stuff I like were local/friends' bands when I was in the U.S. I would enjoy going to a metal show though.

Why could you not visit someday? You only need to save money...?

En エヌ said...


Thank you for the link to Pet Society.

It's too bad you don't have many opportunities to visit Vienna. It sounds like driving in the city can be very hectic.

Forchtenstein looks very beautiful in photos. Simple from the outside but quite ornate on the inside.

By music, I meant classical music but electronic music sounds fun, too. My boyfriend is a complete metal head, so I bet you would get along with him. I also listen to a little bit of metal but most of it is the gothic/symphonic stuff.

I think I will visit Austria sometime in the future but work makes it difficult to travel.

Robolegojupiter said...


Ha, yes, if given unlimited money I would go out to EAT/shop in Vienna everyday. They don't have much second-hand stores (those are my favorite places to shop), and even though it's second-hand it's still expensive. It's hectic also because my unicorn is very bad with directions and driving; we had a slight accident 2 weeks ago ;)

Classical music: In Eisenstadt, which is 5 min. away from me in Trausdorf (currently living here at his parents house, but will find an apt to move in Eisenstadt), is the home of Joseph Hadyn, a famous classical composer. This last summer they had a Hadyn Festival; they have a theme at the castle on the main street every year for tourists (which is not very many, mostly coming from Europe. Many years ago they had Japanese tourists).
I also like classical music sometimes; a friend of mine mixed classical with noise/electronic. Very awesome.

I see, work does put a damper on things. Well one day! Keep in touch!

`~` robolegojupiter

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