Saturday, 22 November 2008

Aube Couture Lipstick

I recently received samples of four Aube Couture's lipsticks for Spring and a little booklet describing the rest of their new products for the season.


Aube is a makeup brand under Sofina that has recently been revived as "Aube Couture." With their new line, Aube aims to sell makeup easy to put on that also compliments the skin tone to create a natural and pretty look.


Aube Couture's new lipsticks, Designing Rouge, contain "harmonize (gold) pearls." That is, they contain a gold shine to "harmonize" with the average Japanese (East-Asian) skin tone, which is more yellow than pink. Hues that blend with or compliment the East-Asian skin tone have become a theme among many of the Japanese makeup brands, lately. The lipsticks are also described by Aube as "mild-shiny" and moist.


There are 16 different colors available for the Designing Rouge lipsticks and can be divided into four groups: rose (RS), red (RD), pink (PK), and beige (BE). The samples included PK101, RS301, RD501, and BE701.


The lipsticks were quite moist and smooth and glided on (by finger, as they were samples and not full sticks) well. The colors were also very natural, not overly shiny, with a hint of gold sparkle. The lipstick contain no fragrance which is also a plus for those who are allergic to or get a headache from smelly makeup. The only downside, really, was that the colors did not work well with my skin tone, which is more cool and pink-based than yellow. The colors came out a little too orange for me although I do like the rose-colored RS301. However, I think the colors would look very flattering on East-Asian skin (which is their purpose, after all) and if you're someone with a yellow skin tone looking for something more natural and smooth, I would recommend checking out those new Aube Couture's Designing Rouge colors. Aube Couture also has lipsticks in each of the four groups containing silver sparkles that might suit those with a more cool tone. (3,200yen without tax)


In addition to a line of lipstick, Aube Couture is also coming out with eyeshadow compacts, blush, mascara, eyeliner set, eyebrow set, and makeup remover. I am most intrigued by their Designing Double Mascara.


The volumizing mascara has a small, angled brush on one side and a larger brush on the other with small hooks to coat each individual lash. The mascara is supposed to hold well even under sweat and tears and can be easily removed with your regular cleanser. It comes in two colors: BK601 (black) and BR602 (brown). (3000yen without tax)


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