Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ferzea Hand Cream

Two samples of Shiseido's new hand cream, Ferzea Repair Veil, arrived in the mail a few days ago. Ferzea, which can also be applied to the face and body, was made specifically for those suffering from hypersensitive, dry skin, for people who often wash their hands or work with water, and for those who want to spend the least amount of time caring for their hands. Repair Veil is fragrance-free, contains no dyes, parabens, steroids, or carbamide peroxide (urea). Its effects are supposed to last for a full 24 hours, even after repeated hand-washing.


Although my left hand is perfectly fine, my right hand suffers from eczema. Since my right hand is allergic to most soaps and creams and even water can make the skin crack and bleed, I only use L'Occitane's Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand Cream (Creme Mains Peaux Seches) and a hydrocortisone 1% cream from my doctor's office on the back of my hands. Unfortunately, the L'Occitane cream is a bit greasy and takes a while to be fully absorbed into the skin and the hydrocortisone, while soothing and somewhat healing, doesn't work very well when it comes to protection and prevention.


Shiseido recommends applying the hand cream right before bedtime and again in the morning. I first applied the cream to both of my hands and my legs right before I went to sleep (and then later in the morning the next day). My right hand did not sting at all which is what usually happens when I apply a new hand cream. However, the cream was quite greasy and a little sticky. It took at least 15-20 minutes for cream to really begin to absorb into the skin and yet, it was still greasy.


In the morning, however, both of my hands were incredibly smooth. The cracks and tiny cuts on my right hand were healed. What was even more surprising was that washing my hands seemed to have no affect on the performance of the cream. My hands still remained smooth and never dry. Ferzea really did create a veil on my hands that seemed to have protected my skin. I have never encountered a cream that could do such a thing.


Even though I really don't care for the greasiness of the product, I do think I will be using Ferzea as a night hand cream. While there are creams out there that help soothe and heal dry, highly allergic skin, few work after repeated contact with soap and water. I don't think I would use it if I didn't have eczema on my right hand but I highly recommend the cream to anyone suffering from eczema or very dry skin. Unfortunately, the Repair Veil is a bit expensive but it is not your typical hand cream. (1,800 yen for 40g)



Anonymous said...

Where can I get this Ferzea HA hand cream in Manhattan New York? I have been trying to buy this product, looking for it online and have not been able to find it in US. I have been looking for months on end.

En エヌ said...

Hello Anonymous,

Are you looking for the Ferzea HA cream or the Ferzea Repair Veil hand cream?

All of my Japanese products are purchased in Japan so I am not quite familiar with what is available in New York. Asian supermarkets often carry at least some skincare products so you might want to try Mitsuwa. But Ferzea hand and body care products are only sold at pharmacies/drug stores in Japan (because they're considered to be medical creams) so there may be restrictions as to where they can be sold.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Japan. While on my holiday (oh, winter blues), my hands were so dry, they were bleeding in spots. My cuticules were a disaster. I went into a drugstore looking for a miracle hand cream and I found it. The clerk suggested several brands. Not knowing any of the products, I picked Ferzea Repair Veil Prime because it had a gift with purchase (about $20 USD a 40 gram tube). It is worth every penny. Like your review, I recommend it for nighttime. Massage it into your hands -- working from the wrist to fingers, and then to nails and cuticules. The cream hasn't felt greasy to me. Come morning, you are rewarded with silky skin. I have no idea how this works but it is absolutely awesome. After learning what this baby can do for your hands, the price tag comes across as a deal and a steal. I gave the second tube (the gift) to my sister. Sharing is caring!

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