Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Body Shop Eye Trio in 01 Moonlight Lustre

ザ・ボディショップアイトリオ01 ムーンライトラスターは2つあるベイクド・ミネラルアイシャドウパレットの一つで、プレシャスパールセント秋のポイントメイクアップ コレクションに入っています。このムーンライトラスターは私が初めて使ったベイクド・ミネラルアイシャドウパレットです。シャドウはきらびやかで混ざり合いやすく、発色が良くてシルクの様に滑らかで、パールのような仕上がりになります。色と輝きが1日中持続し、夜には月明かりの様に仄かに光ります。ムーンライトラスターのシャドウはディープフォレストグリーン、シマーグレイ、ライラックの色を含んでいます。それぞれの色は個別に使っても見栄えしますが、組み合わせると非常に魅力的なスモーキーアイを作り出してくれます。ムーンライトラスターはクールトーンのパレットですが、全ての肌の色&明るさに適しています。ザ・ボディショップの秋のルックを作り出すには、グレーシャドウを瞼に付け、フォレストグリーンを目尻に、ライラックを目頭につけるようにします。仕上げに下のアイラインにメタリック アイディファイナーの10ブリリアントブルーを引いて完成です。もしくはザ・ボディショップの店員さんが私にやってくれたようにして、ライラックシャドウを上の瞼全体にベースとして、フォレストグリーンを瞼に、シマーグレイを目の下に、そしてメタリック アイディファイナーの12シマーリングスティールでラインを引けば完成です。アイトリオのパレットは日本のザ・ボディショップで買うと1つ1,575円(税込み)で、かなりお手頃な価格です。私はいつもザ・ボディショップのメイクアップ コレクションをあまり気に留めていませんでしたが、ムーンライトラスターを試す機会を後となっては、他にどんな物を提供してくれるのか興味津々です。

The Body Shop's Eye Trio in Moonlight Lustre is one of two baked mineral eyeshadow palettes in The Body Shop's Precious Pearlescents fall point makeup collection. This is the first baked mineral palette that I have ever used. Brilliant and blendable, the shadows are well-pigmented and silky smooth with a pearly finish. They maintain their color and luminescence throughout the day and softly glow like moonlight at night. The shadows in Moonlight Lustre include the shades forest green, shimmering grey and lilac. Each shade can stand alone but combined, they produce an especially stunning smokey-eye. Though Moonlight Lustre is a cool-toned palette, it is suitable for all skin colors and shades. To achieve The Body Shop's autumn look, apply the grey shadow to the eyelid, the forest green shadow to the outer corner and the lilac shade to the inner corner of the eyes. Complete the look by lining the lower eye line with the Metallic Eye Definer in 10 Brilliant Blue. Or you can do what The Body Shop staff did for me and apply the lilac shadow to the eye hole as a base, forest green to the eyelid, and shimmery grey below the eye, and line your eyes with the 12 Shimmering Steel Metallic Eye Definer. One Eye Trio palette is priced at 1,575 yen (including tax) at Body Shop stores in Japan which is quite a steal. I have always overlooked The Body Shop's makeup collections but now that I have had the chance to try Moonlight Lustre, I am very interested in what else they have to offer.


Melissa~ said...

I love moonlight, looks so gorgeous.
I like the fact that they try on you the product before buy it. Very good. Here you can ask for that, but just in important brands like dior, clinique, HR, Chanel, etc. The expensive ones xD

Kisses En!

kuri said...

Thanks for the review, it sounds great. I've never tried baked products before either, so this is really tempting. I may have to try this on; at 1500 it's very reasonable!

En エヌ said...


The staff is really friendly. I didn't even ask if I could try on the makeup. I went in the store to buy some makeup tools and one of the staff members asked if she could do my make up. If she hadn't, I don't think I would have paid any attention to the fall collection.


I highly recommend stopping by one of their stores and testing out the palettes. The quality is very good and the shadows have great staying power. They don't fade or flake like a lot of regular mineral shadows and they're not drying like the usual powdered shadows, either.

kuri♥ayu said...

I really like this trio. The colors are so beautiful! I just might have to go pick it up^^

En エヌ said...


Thank you for commenting, kuri♥ayu. I think the colors look even more beautiful on the skin and the price is pretty reasonable, too. =) said...

It can't truly work, I think this way.

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