Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fairy Drops Mascara レビュー


Fairy Drops is a drug-store mascara, well-known for its attractive packaging and name, developed by a former news anchor from Los Angeles. Waterproof, the mascara promises to provide rich volume and curl to the lashes without any clumping. The brush also has a unique teardrop-shape, designed to catch and coat every lash.


After using the mascara, I found that Fairy Drops gave my eyelashes a delicate, pretty, "fairy-like" appearance. It added volume to my lashes but was light enough to help maintain their curl. While the mascara did not produce as dramatic results as Hypnôse or Virtuôse, I do think it they were more dramatic than what I have seen from some of the other drugstore mascaras. However, it did little in terms of lengthening (though it never promised it would) and despite its claims, did clump quite a bit. At the end of each day I wore the mascara, I had dark circles under my eyes and my eyes itched, likely due to the fiber-like formula. I do not think I will purchase Fairy Drops again because of the problems I have experienced but I may try the Platinum version in the future. 1,575 yen including tax.


Old Cow said...

I found that this mascara dries up soooo quickly! And yes, I did close it tightly! :(

Blovet Beauty said...

i wonder how this matches up to the Opera mascara.. I like lighter mascara that gives a good lift to my lashes :)

kuri♥ayu said...

thanks for the review! too bad it clumps~

En エヌ said...

Old Cow,
I'm sorry to hear that. My bottle hasn't dried up yet and I've been using the mascara for about a month and half. But I do think the formula is kind of drying/flaky. (Love your username, by the way.)

Blovet Beauty,
I haven't tried the Opera mascara but I have used Fiberwig which is supposed to be similar. Fiberwig adds more length while Fairy Drops adds more volume. I personally prefer the look I get with Fairy Drops but unlike Fiberwig, it is clumpy and smudges quite a bit.

Thank you for commenting. It really is too bad. =(

Melissa~ said...

it has a great presentation.
sadly I can't find it here.
Greta, you came back!
I missed you.

En エヌ said...


Thank you for welcoming me back.=)
There are international web stores that sell Fairy Drops (including auction sites like ebay) though a few of them are charging a lot more than the original price.

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