Friday, 9 October 2009

Nude BonBon リップグロス in ローズハッピネス(3)


The Nude Bon Bon Lip Gloss line is one of Elizabeth's most popular makeup collections. Just like Maxi Bon Bon, the glosses have a brush-tip applicator, are fragrance-free and contain palmitoyl oligopeptide and jojoba oil to keep lips plump, hydrated and moisturized. They come in four work-appropriate, "nude" shades: 1 Feminine Beige, 2 Nudy-Concious, 3 Rose Happiness, and 4 Elegant Beige. Both 1 Feminie Beige and 3 Rose Happiness contain pearls while the other two glosses do not. I recently purchased 3 Rose Happiness at Donki Hote.


Rose Happiness is an attractive, dark pink-beige shade that turned out to be too light to look completely natural on my lips but would look great on those with paler lips. The gloss is very pigmented and thick with a creamy but sticky-free texture. The formula and color makes lips look plump, shiny and alluring in a still work-appropriate way. The white shimmer is so fine that it gives just a hint of a sparkle. Unfortunately, the gloss pigment does sink into and accentuate the lines and cracks in your lips so I do recommend applying a primer, cream or base before applying the gloss, to make the color look even across your lips. Wearing Maxi Bon Bon under Nude Bon Bon will also give you extra milky-looking lips and improve the lasting-power of the gloss, which is not so great. Aside from the somewhat poor lasting power, however, Nude Bon Bon Lip Gloss is a very nice gloss. And at just 630 yen (including tax), it's a steal.


saintangelius said...

I like how the packaging is simple and understated. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed but the fancy tubes the other brands like to make, like Anna Sui for example. Would like to try this out very much as I've heard many good things about it. Will try to search for it online.

Melissa~ said...

sounds very good.
I like the color and the sticky-free thing. I hate when they're sticky.

Kisses En

Jani said...

How are you doing? No post in some time, I hope you're doing okay!

I just discovered your blog and think it's great. I think your readership would increase if you read and commented (the whole blogging 'network' thing lol) on popular blogs such as fuzkittie, xppinkx, yumeko's bitten before.. etc

Your reviews are SO helpful and really great people are missing out!

En エヌ said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes the packaging can be really overdone. I feel the same way about Jill Stuart sometimes. A bit too princessy and embarrassing to take out and use in front of other people, lol.

Yes, sticky-free gloss is hard to come by but Bon Bon has done a pretty good job of providing a product that is both sticky-free and very wearable.

Thank you for your kind words. I've been extremely busy at work which is why I haven't been able to update in a while. If only blogging paid the bills!

I will take your advice into consideration. I do enjoy reading other beauty blogs and occasionally commenting but sometimes I feel a bit shy? about luring other readers to my site..

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