Monday, 15 December 2008

Bathtology Bath Milk

The January 2009 issue of Voce came with a sample of Bathtology's Body Care Bath Additive. Bath additives (bath salts and liquids) are very popular in Japan as Japanese people like to have a nice soak after a long day at work. The purpose of these additives is to protect the skin from drying after taking a bath and to moisturize. They can also work as a form of aromatherapy.


Bathtology is owned by the Lion Corporation, which is particularly known for its oral hygiene products and soaps. Bathtology is a body care brand marketed towards women. Along with the bath additive, the brand also carries a body wash. Both products are gentle, plant-derived, and have a soft floral scent.

Bathtologyはライオン株式会社のもので、ライオンのオーラルケアと石鹸は特に有名です。Bathtologyは女性向けのボディーケアのブランドです。入浴液意外にボディウォッシュもあります。両方の商品とも肌にやさしい、植物由来の物で 、やわらかなフローラルの香りがします。

The bath additive contains a natural clay formula that acts as a skin protective agent to prevent moisture loss, which tends to occur after bathing. The sorbitol (sugar alcohol obtained from fruit) and eucalyptus extract in the additive work to moisturize the skin.


Unlike bath salts which take a long time to dissolve, Bathtology's bath additive is a milky white liquid which instantly dissolves into the bath water. Its white floral scent is faint, pleasant, and rather relaxing. The water (with Bathtology) was very gentle on my skin and left it soft and supple. I also felt more refreshed than usual. I don't handle heat very well so I didn't stay in the tub very long but I could still notice its effects right after I got out. This is definitely something that I will use every time I bathe. If you are looking for a way to relax or if you find that your skin is frequently dry after taking a bath, I highly recommend Bathtology's Body Care Bath Additive. (Remember: In Japan, you always shower and clean yourself before you soak in the tub so be sure that your body is clean before you use the additive and bathe.)


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