Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Writing and Speaking Beautifully

As mentioned earlier in the blog, I acquired two Nintendo DS games from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. One game was Bimoji Training (Beautiful Handwriting Training) and the other was Utsukushii Nihongo no Kakikata Hanashikata (How to Speak and Write Japanese Beautifully). Many of the latest Nintendo DS games are educational and in additional to all the brain teasers and history testers, there are "games" that help you diet and calculate your daily caloric intake, give makeup and skincare tips, and help you improve your manners.


Bimoji Training helps you learn how to write "beautifully" with a brush or brush pen. The game will first test your brush-writing skills and then grade your handwriting according to how balanced, even, and accurate your characters are. Then you can start training. It's actually quite challenging because writing with a brush-pen or brush is very different than writing with a pen or pencil. You have to pay close attention to how thick your lines are and how well they flow together. You can set up a regular schedule and practice your characters daily or you can train whenever you want and practice doodling with the brush pen.


Utsukushii Nihongon trains you to write characters in the correct stroke order and "beautifully" using a pen or pencil. It also tests you on your formal Japanese and trains you to speak more politely. It is particularly helpful for business situations. There is also a section on letter writing and like Bimoji Training, you can set up a daily training schedule.


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