Friday, 19 December 2008

Kose Eye Mask

Last week, I purchased a set of five Kose Cosmeport's Clear Turn Q10 (coenzyme) Eye-zone Masks. I had pulled two all-nighters in a row for work and dark circles had formed around my eyes. It's difficult to review masks because they aren't something used daily and it can take up to two months for a regularly used product to even begin to show subtle results.

先週、コーセー コスメポートクリアターンアイゾーンマスクQ10の5枚セットを買いました。仕事のために2日も夜中に仕事をしていたので、目の下のクマがかなり濃くなったりしました。正直、マスクは毎日使うものではないし、毎日使うコスメ品でも効果が初めて見えるまでに2ヶ月くらいかかるので、マスクのレビューは書き難いです。

There are actually several different Kose Cosmeport eye masks and two different Q10 eye masks. The one I purchased is a sheet-mask type while the other is a gel-fitted type. Q10 or Coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant and helps boost the regeneration of cells. In the cosmetic world, it is used for its anti-aging properties. The eye mask also contains glycerin, sea collagen, and hyaluronic acid.


I had only used the gel-sticker type eye mask before so I was disappointed when I realized the the mask I had purchased was of the sheet-type. It doesn't stick on as well as the fitted gel mask and therefore makes you less mobile while you're wearing it. However, I think the sheet type might yield better results. After the first use, the bags under my eyes were less puffy. And after using the mask every other day, the circles didn't seem as dark as before. I think the extract from the sheet type penetrates into the dermis much more easily than gel which is why I had better success with this mask than others previously used. However, I also got more sleep later in the week and my eye area only really suffers when I don't sleep, so it's difficult to say how much the mask improved my skin.


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