Friday, 26 December 2008

Shiseido d Program Moist-Care Line

I received samples of Shiseido d program's products a couple of weeks ago. I used to use their line a few years ago but have since switched to Avene and la Roche Posay. However, I still use d program's SPF32 PA++ sun screen.

二週間ぐらい前に資生堂のdプログラムからサンプル貰いました。何年前にdプログラムの商品を使っていましたがそれからアベンヌラロッシュポゼの物に変えました。でも、まだdプログラムのSPF32 PA++日焼け止めを使っています。

Shiseido's d program "Peace for Skin" brand targets sensitive skin types, particularly working women in their teens, 20s and 30s, and has four different programs: Balance-care (blue), Acne-care (orange), Moisture-care (pink), and Anti-aging-care (purple). I previously used products from the Balance-care line, which were gentle on my skin, but eventually switched to skincare products made specifically for rosacea-sufferers.

資生堂のdプログラムPeace for Skinブランドは敏感肌タイプ、特に10代、20代、30代の働いている女性をターゲットにしていて、4つのプログラムがあります:バランスケアプログラム(青)、アクネケアプログラム(オレンジ)、モイストケアプログラム(ピンク)とエイジングケアプログラム(紫)です。前はバランスケアのプログラムを使っていまして、肌に優しかったのですが、ロザケア皮膚病のための商品に変えました。

I requested samples from the Moisture-care (pink) program because my skin tends to be very dry. The 2 days worth of samples came with a make-up removing gel, a cream cleanser, lotion, and a moisturizing cream. The mild-cleansing gel was very gentle and removed makeup well. It also did not leave much residue as the current remover I use (Bioré's Perfect Oil). The conditioning wash or cream cleanser was very foamy and cleansed well. I would recommend both products to anyone except those who require more specialized care. The Moisture-care lotion and cream are another matter.


The lotion (which is more like a gel or thick toner) and the cream are for day and night, and used together. Although the products did not irritate my skin, whether used together or separately, both left my dry skin sticky and oily, even into the next day. Though they may have moisturized my skin, the shiny film from the products make them unattractive. I wish the lotion was more similar to Shiseido The Skincare's alcohol-free Hydro-balancing Softener which moisturizes but does not leave a sticky residue. I do remember liking d Program's Balance-care line when I used it and the products are gentle, so I think they are worth trying out if you are interested. You can purchase 1-week trial sets of any of the programs for about 1000 yen each. I just don't recommend using the Moisture-care program. d program has also come out with many special-care products since I last used their line, including point-make up, hair and body treatment products, and more.

化粧水(もっとジェルぽいものですが)とクリームは夜と朝にも一緒に使います。肌に刺激は少なかったですが、一緒に使っても、別々にしても、両方とも肌をベタベタ&オイリーにして、次の日まで状態が変わりませんでした。化粧水はもっと資生堂のThe Skincareアルコールフリーハイドロバランシングソフナーみたいに肌をしっとりさせてもベタベタが残らないようなものになったらいいと思います。しかし、前に使ったバランスケアプログラムが気に入った覚えがありますし、dプログラムのものは肌に優しいので、興味ありましたらdプログラムの物を試した方がいいと思います。どっちのプログラムでも1週間のトライアルセットを1000円で買えます。私がバランスケアを使ってからdプログラムがスペシャルケアの物を出したので、ポイントメークヘアとボディートリートケアの物、色々な商品が出ています。

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JAM said...

Do you know where or how I can get samples? I used to use this line years ago but I am sure the formula has changed as well as my skin's condition. I really want to try it but it would be a high cost for me if I don't like it. If you could give me any information where or how I could try it out, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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