Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kanebo Kate and Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow Palettes

I recently purchased Kanebo Kate's Deep Trap Eyes in PU-1 and Shiseido Majolica Majorca's Majo-look (witch-look) Illuminator eyeshadow in BR799. To be honest, both were somewhat of a disappointment. Just too sheer and the colors just didn't work well together.


Just looking at the Kate palette, it seems as though the colors would blend well to create a pretty and somewhat sophisticated look, but my eyes ended up looking like they were bruised and tired. My eyelids turned out very red although the two closest colors to rouge in the palette are the pink and the rose shadows on the right. Maybe it's because I'm pink toned that the PU-1 colors didn't show up well. I do kind of like the dark purple as an eyeliner but it is a bit scratchy. I wish I had gone for one of the other palettes instead but I have a feeling all of the shadows are on the very sheer side, even though they are supposed to create a deep, smokey-eye look. The palette might work better for someone with very dark skin.


The Majolook was a bit better but the dark eyeshadow turns up more brown than purple. I do really like the illuminator base. The palette does produce a cute, somewhat natural look but again, the shadows are very sheer and the colors don't work well with my skin color. I regret purchasing the palette but I will continue to use it .


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