Monday, 27 July 2009

Addiction & Stila News


I passed the Addiction counter in the Shinjuku Isetan last week. Since I was in a hurry, I did not have time to check things out but there was a long line of women waiting to get their hands some new products. Addiction is like a Japanese NARS deep, bold and often matte colors. SPUR's latest issue takes a close look at the brand and they also had an in-depth interview with the creator in their previous issue. I hope to get my hands on some of Addiction's black shadows and red red lipsticks.


Stila counters in Tokyo recently reordered some of their limited edition Barbie items so if you were unable to purchase their shimmering powders or eye mousse pots before, now is your chance.


Some people have been using images and text from my blog and passing them off on their own. If any of you could recommend a (free) watermarking program, I would really appreciate it.


Please please credit your sources and don't plagiarize. It actually takes a lot of time to buy products, take and upload photos, and write and translate reviews. Sometimes, it takes hours to research ingredients and find the correct Japanese or English translations. You cannot just look up lot of these industry-specific, scientific terms in Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionaries. It is very discouraging to find blogs posting your images of products you purchased and using your translations without even mentioning that they got them from your site.


If you are not going to give credit, have some integrity and write your own material, purchase your own products, and take your own photos. It might not be easy at first but you will eventually get the hang of it and you can always ask for help.


Blair said...

It's free and you don't even have to download it! =D

I hope you find picnik useful! =D

Oh dear, do I sound like I work for hahaha

saintangelius said...

Fuzkittie has been using this program. I have taken a look at it and it seems very easy to use as well as being quite cute and whimsical. Hope it helps.

En エヌ said...


Thank you. Free and no download necessary. Perfect!


Thank you. That program looks like a lot of fun. Is it only available for windows-users?

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