Thursday, 9 July 2009

SkinFood Cappuccino Scrub Body Wash

スキンフードカプチーノ スクラブボディウォッシュはあまり期待せずに買った物でしたが、実際に使ったところとても素晴らしい物でした。ボディソープの名前に“カプチーノ“とありますが、全くカプチーノっぽさはありません。コーヒー、ヘーゼルナッツ、バニラが混ざり合ったような香りがあり、スキンフードのウェブサイトによれば、天然のハチミツと砂糖の成分が入っているようです。スキンフードが何故カプチーノという名前を商品に付けたのかは分かりませんが、それ以外に特に不満な点はありません。ボディウォッシュは泡立ちがよく、コスタ・リカ産のコーヒー成分が入ったソープは角質除去ビーズの役割を果たし、肌を滑らかにしてくれます。このボディウォッシュを使った後、シャワーから出ると私の肌が明らかに滑らかになっていると感じました。また、他のボディウォッシュを使った時ほど肌が乾燥せず(LUSHのココ夏ホリデーを除いて)、香りも良いです。実のところ、カプチーノ スクラブボディウォッシュは肌の引き締めとアンチエイジングに効果がある商品ということですが、その点に関してはちょっと疑問があります。でも、普通のボディウォッシュとしては、このスクラブボディウォッシュは非常に良いと思います。

Skin Food's Cappuccino Scrub Body Wash was product I purchased with low expectations that actually turned out to be great. Although the body soap has "cappuccino" in its name, there is nothing cappuccino-like about it. It smells of a mixture of coffee, hazelnut and vanilla and according to Skin Food's website, contains natural honey and sugar ingredients. I am not sure why Skin Food chose to call the body soap a cappuccino wash but other than that, I have no complaints. The wash works up a nice foamy lather and the Costa Rican coffee grounds act as exfoliating beads that smooth out the skin. I felt very clean after using the scrub and my skin was noticeably smoother after I got out of the shower. My skin was also not as dry as it usually gets when using other body washes (with the exception of LUSH's Big Calm Shower Jelly) and smelled rather nice. Apparently, the Cappuccino Scrub Body Wash is supposed to work as a slimming and anti-aging product and I am a bit skeptical about those claims, but as a regular body wash, I think that Skin Food's body scrub works quite well.


saintangelius said...

I am usually pretty skeptical about most of the new products from SkinFood. They never seem to do as they claim compared to the long stay products like the wash-off face masks. This post makes me want to walk into SkinFood again and take a really good look around.

En エヌ said...

Hello saintangelius,

I do think their claims that the body soap will reduce cellulite and tighten skin are far fetched but as a regular body wash, I think it's a decent product. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh its looks cool and really yummi!
I wish to have such too ^ ^

En エヌ said...


It makes showering really fun!

Unfortunately, I'm running out of the soap and we don't have Skinfood here in Japan. =(

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