Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Etude House Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner

エチュードハウスアクアシャーベット アイストナーは日本のファッション・美容の雑誌から注目を浴びています。トナーの有効成分にはグレープフルーツとアラスカのミネラル豊富な氷河水が含まれていますが、これは典型的な温泉水・氷河水スプレーとは違います。多くのエア噴射式トナーはミスト状のミネラルウォーターをスプレーしますが、アイストナーからは結晶化されたミネラルウォーターのフォームがシューシュー音を立てて溶け、ひんやり冷たいトナーになります。トナーは液状になって出て来ないので、コットンなどにスプレーしてから顔や首に使います。氷ほどは冷たくないですが、このトナーは普通のミネラルウォータースプレーよりもひんやりし、エクササイズの後や暑い日に使うと、とても良く肌を落ち着かせてくれます。でも、このトナーは私の肌を乾燥させたので涼しい季節ではあまり良い効果を得られないかもしれません。これはトナーというよりはコールドスプレーという感じで、必携品とまではいかないと思います。私が使っているアベンヌのサーマルスプリングウォータースプレーからアクアシャーベット アイストナーへ切り替えるつもりはありませんが、このトナーはこれからもエクササイズの後のクールダウン用に使おうと思います。アクアシャーベット アイストナーは韓国のエチュードハウスで9,000ウォンでしたが、多くのオンラインストアでは定価の2倍、時には3倍の値段で販売されています。

Etude House's Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner has received quite a bit of attention from Japanese fashion and beauty magazines. Although the toner's active ingredients include grapefruit and mineral rich glacial water from Alaska, it is is not your typical thermal or glacial water spray. While most aerosol-can toners spray a mist of mineral water, what comes out of the Ice Toner is a crystallized form of the mineral water that then sizzles and melts into an ice-cold toner. Because the toner does not come out in liquid form, the solution should be sprayed onto a cotton pad that you should then apply to your face and neck. Though not quite as cold as ice, the toner is much cooler than the average mineral water spray and I find it very soothing after exercising or a day in hot weather. However, the toner also dries out my skin and I do not think this product would work well for anyone during the colder seasons. It is much more of a cold spray than an actual toner and I would not consider it a must-have product. Although I do not plan to replace my Avene Thermal Spring Water spray with the Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner, I intend to continue to use the toner on my neck and body after exercise to help cool down. The Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner is 9000 won at Etude House in Korea but many online vendors are selling it for double and in some cases, triple the original place.


This is my last post on Korean beauty products this week. If you are interested in some of the non-beauty-related items I purchased in Korea, check my poupee page (click on the anime girl to your right). Next time, I will begin reviewing some European makeup products.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. The packaging for Etude House always gets me, so adorable! The Avene Thermal Water sounds interesting, I'm thinking of trying out their products in the cooler months when my d Program stuff runs out.

saintangelius said...

Nothing beats Avene Thermal Water. I never leave on a trip without that. I even keep one in the office! I find it better than the Evian ones and cheaper than the SkinFood sprays. Somehow the other facial mists like Shu Uemura's is just... different. Not that it's bad but Avene has a more no nonsense type hydration feel to it.

En エヌ said...

Avene Thermal Water feels really great on your face after a warm shower. It's a bit more expensive than some of the other mineral water sprays but it comes in a much larger can.

I didn't know Skinfood actually carried sprays. Now I'm very curious about them. Thank you for sharing.

Keeping an extra bottle of the Avene spray at the office sounds like a great idea.

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