Saturday, 4 July 2009

Beauty News お知らせ



スティラが日本から撤退します。8月末にスティラのカウンターが全国のデパートから無くなります。スティラジャパンのオンラインストアは既に閉鎖されました。バービーフェイス シマーパウダーをあと2つ買えばよかったです。


Beauty reviews of Korean cosmetic products will continue into next week. Today, I would like to share some really great news and some very disappointing news.

The wonderful news:
On the 27th of this month, Yojiya will be opening a (permanent!) store in Hotel Okura Tokyo. The traditional Japanese cosmetics company has also started selling Maccha (green-tea) oil-blotting paper. You can purchase the blotting paper online. This is a seasonal item only available for a limited time.

The extremely sad news:

Stila is leaving Japan. Stila counters will disappear from Japanese department stores by the end of August and the Stila Japan online store has already shut down. I really wish I had ordered two Barbie Face Shimmer Powders. sob

Well, I have lots of new products to review, including new Benefit fragrances, Alima Pure samples, a new Lipstick Queen lip color and more.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the Yojiya blotting papers! I posted a comment on your other Yojiya post btw :) I wanna try these. About Stila Japan, aww, but didn't they just opened up not too long ago? Their Barbie collection seemed to be doing ok, I wonder why they closed.

Blair said...

Oh dear, Stila just pulled out from Malaysia a couple of months ago, and now they're pulling out from Japan?

Eka said...

Stila will just be opening in our country. If you'd like me to buy some for you, just let me know.

kuri said...

Yay for yojiya, as I've wanted to try their blotting papers.

That's really sad about Stila.

En エヌ said...


Yes, I thought they were doing quite well in Japan, too. I also don't understand what took them so long to announce that they were completely pulling out of Japan. All the other Asian Stilas pulled out a while ago.


Yes, it's so sad. I really hope they think about coming back or consider keeping their online stores.

Thank you so much for the offer. That's very kind of you. =)

Yes, it's great that Yojiya is finally branching out of Kyoto.

I'm going to have to stock up on a lot of Stila products before they go!

Melissa~ said...

so a bad new that stila close in japan, Im sorry for you.
Why is that happen?

En エヌ said...


Stila went bankrupt and was bought out by another company. Since then, Stila has shut down most of their Asian stores. =(

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