Tuesday, 8 September 2009

SANA Extra Large Mascara


When it became time for me to replace my mascara, I picked up Sana's Extra Large Mascara at Donkihote. The water-proof, fiber-type mascara promises "extra large," curly lashes and contains vitamin E and tuberose extract. I purchased the mascara expecting some very dramatic results.


While the Extra Large Mascara wand was certainly "large," the results it left were not very "big." The mascara separated and lengthened my lashes to an extent but provided little volume. I also had to go through my usual routine of using both a metal and electric eyelash curler to get my lashes curled. One positive aspect of Extra Large is that it does not flake very much and is nylon-free, but it is otherwise a very typical fiber-type mascara. And there are other fiber or film-type mascaras (such as the Wink Up Maxigrade and Heroine mascaras) that come at a cheaper price and do a slightly better job for volume. As for the vitamin E and tuberose extract, SANA only claims that they were added for eyelash "treatment" purposes but does not specifically state what they are supposed to do. The Extra Large Mascara is one of the more affordable mascaras at 1,500 yen (without tax) but for real dramatic results, I think I am still going to have to rely on Lancôme's Hypnôse and Virtuôse mascaras.


Blair said...

I love Hypnose!

Eka said...

I was about to buy this one whilst in HK but didn't get to it because I was skeptical. Have you tried the other popular Japanese drugstore mascaras? Maybe you can try one of the MM mascaras or the Fairy Drops mascara.

saintangelius said...

Hehe... HeroineMake Mascaras for the win!(cheesy gamer geek slang) Cheap and efficient for what they claim it does. Only thing I have against this fiber type mascaras like HeroineMake is that they are tough to get rid off properly unless you spend time standing in front of the bathroom counter and let the makeup remover soak in. I usually end up using the Loreal heavy duty gel type makeup remover for this one. Small price to pay in my opinion. Which drugstore brand do you feel is comparable to lancome? Hypnose is good and so is DiorShow but I kinda felt it was a little fake looking when I had them on.

Melissa~ said...

My mom has hypnose, and is very good. But she didn't use it to much because she doesn't need long lashes (she has long lashes) she preffers color mascaras.

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En エヌ said...


It's great! =)


All of the mascara's I've reviewed (except for the Guerlain one) and Heroine are drugstore mascaras although Maquillage isn't very cheap. I received a mascara from MM last year and I don't recall the name but it was somewhat similar to Extra Large but maybe less volumizing and more feathery. I think I am going to try Fairy Drops next. I love the name. =)


I find that fiber mascaras come off easily with warm water (just warm water and no remover) including the Heroine mascara, but I used the volume & curl which probably has a different formula from the legenthening one.

These past couple years, it seems like most of the drugstore brands have shifted to fiber/tube-type mascaras which don't provide much volume. Most women seem to be wearing false lashes these days so maybe that's why there's more interest in lengthening mascaras. A few years ago, I was using Shiseido's Dramatical Eyes Volume mascara and I think it was pretty close to Hypnôse but more natural-looking and less flakey. This was a long time ago so my memory is a little flakey, too.

I found this wonderful Japanese mascara site that might interest you:
She also reviewed Extra Large on September 6th, 2007 (http://eyelash.arekao.jp/entry-030840f2b0fe7cbd1b100f22754c6aae.html#EntryExtend) I wish I found her blog before buying the mascara!


I have long lashes, too, but I love the dramatic effect of Hypnôse. Color mascaras are great! What brands does she use?

Melissa~ said...

Is very difficult find color mascaras here, she loves blue and purple mascaras. Right now she's using an avon mascara.

En エヌ said...


I didn't know that Avon carried color mascaras. That's great that they do. Blue and purple eyelashes are wonderful. =)

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