Tuesday, 15 September 2009

MAC Lipglass in Eclectic Edge

MACの「リップガラス」 エクレックティックエッジは紫とパールホワイトが混ざったマーブル状のリップグロスで、MACのカラークラフトコレクションとして6月に発売されました。唇に付けると可愛いパープルピンクで、ピンク、パープル、白のラメが入っています。MACのダズルガラスと違い、このリップガラスの真珠のような光沢は唇をぷっくりとジューシーに見せる一方で、ラメはキメが細かくて柔らかい輝きを持っています。あまり発色が良いわけではないですが完全にシアーでもなく、白みの少し弱いグロスと紫のグロスを混ぜ合わせることで、エクレックティックエッジの発色具合を調整することが出来ます。また、他のリップカラーの上からこのリップガラスを重ねて使うことも出来ます(私はマキアージュのモイスチャールージュのRS304の上に重ねて温かいラベンダーの色にしたり、MACのクリームシーン ラベンダーホイップを使って大胆なラベンダー色にするのが好きです)。濃くて重い質感がありますが、このグロスはそれほどベトベトしませんし、他のMACのリップカラーと同じ様にクリームブリュレのような香りがします。MACのリップガラスエクレクティックは日本では2,730円(税込み)ですが、他の国では1,000円以上も安いところがほとんどです。

MAC's "Lipglass" in Eclectic Edge is a marbleized lip gloss of purple and pearl white released with MAC's Colour Craft Collection last June. It is a pretty purple-pink on the lips containing pink, purple, and white shimmer. Unlike MAC's Dazzleglass, the shimmer in this lipglass is fine and has a nice soft sparkle while the the pearly sheen of the gloss makes lips look plump and juicy. Though the gloss is not highly pigmented, it is not completely sheer, either, and you can control the pigmentation of Eclectic Edge by mixing less white gloss with purple gloss. You can also wear the lipglass over another lip color. (I like to wear it over Maquillage's Moisture Rouge in RS304 to give my lips a warm lavender hue and MAC's Creme Sheen in Lavender Whip for bold lavender color). Despite its thick and heavy texture, the gloss is not that sticky and like most of MAC's lip color products, smells like crème brûlée. MAC's Eclectic Edge Lipglass retails for 2,730 yen (including tax) in Japan but goes for over 1000 yen less in most other countries.


Blair said...

Hi sweetie,

Have you used Picnik? What do you think of it?

Ahh, MAC is so expensive in Japan!!!

Melissa~ said...

I love MAC.
This one looks so great. I like the idea of mux colors in one product, and the smell, yummy.
I dont have MAC in my city, but in Samtiago (near to my city) I can find MAC, next time I'm visit it, I'll ask for this lipgloss.
Kisses En!

En エヌ said...


Picnik is great. Simple and very easy to use. Thank you again for recommending it.

It's crazy how much more expensive MAC is here although most foreign makeup products cost 1.5-2 times the original price. You would think prices would go down with the strong yen but it seems like they've been going the other direction.


I never bought any MAC products until fairly recently but they really do come out with a lot of interesting and colorful makeup.

The lipgloss as released a couple of months ago and MAC Japan tends to be a little behind so it may not be available at some MAC counters anymore.

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