Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lipstick

先月の1日、ソニアリキルは新しいリップスティックのシリーズ、サブライム リップスティックとして全25色を発売しました。リップスティックは瑞々しく、いくらかツヤツヤしていて発色がよく、雫のような輝きがあります。私は13、14、02のサンプルを貰いました。13はオレンジがかったレッドクレイ色で、マジーデコのBE331に似ています。14はもう少し赤いですがより暗めで、金のラメが入っています。02はこのリップスティックのキャンペーンで使われていて、唇に付けるとチェリーレッドのような感じ(マラスキノ チェリーレッド)で、赤いラメが入っています。14と02の両方に入っているラメは上質で、ほとんど気付かないくらい薄いです。個人的には13と14はあまり好きではありませんが、02はとても好きなので後で購入するかもしれません。残念ながらリップカラーは簡単に落ちてしまいますし、変な薬品のようなニオイがしてちょっと不快にさせます。

On the first of last month, Sonia Rykiel released 25 different shades in their new lipstick line, Sublime Lipstick. The lipsticks are moisturizing, somewhat waxy, well-pigmented and have a beautiful dewy sheen. I received samples of the new lip product in 13, 14 and 02. 13 is an orange-y, red-clay shade similar to Magie Deco's BE331 . 14 is little darker and slightly more red with gold shimmer. 02 is the lip color used in the lipstick campaign that looks cherry-red (Maraschino cherry-red) on the lips and contains red shimmer. The shimmer in both 14 and 02 are fine and so subtle that is is barely noticeable. Personally, I do not care for 13 and 14 but love 02 and may purchase the shade in the future. Unfortunately, the lipstick colors do come off easily and have a strange, clinical smell that is off-putting.

また、ソニアリキルが13と14の両方をサブライム リップスティックのサンプルとして選んだのは非常に残念です。13と14はラメの有無の違いはありますが、色が非常によく似ています。サブライム コレクションにはゴールド、グレイ、プラム、ピンクといった色がありますし、リップスティックのサンプルはコレクションの色の種類の多さを皆に知ってもらうには最適の方法であるはずです。13が合わない女性に同じような色である14が合うはずありませんし、ソニアリキルができるだけ多くの女性に新しいリップスティクラインに興味を持ってもらいたいのであれば、サンプルとして違う色を選ぶべきだったのではないかと思います。

And I have to say, I am very disappointed that Sonia Rykiel chose both 13 and 14 for their Sublime Lipstick samples. 13 and 14 are very similar shades, even though one contains shimmer. There are golds, grays, plums, and pinks in their Sublime collection and the lipstick samples are a great way to showcase the range of colors that they have to offer. Women who cannot wear 13 are unlikely to find 14 workable, either, and if Sonia Rykiel wants to get as many women interested in their new lipstick line as possible, they should have chosen a different color for their samples.


Blair said...

I want to get a lippie from their Sublime range... I love their packaging!

saintangelius said...

That 02 shade is certainly very eye catching! I've not the guts to wear something so bold ^^;;

En エヌ said...


Yes, Sonia Rykiel has very chic and unique packaging compared to most other brands. Aside from the smell, the Sublime lipsticks are quite nice. I think their glosses are popular, too.


If I get it, I'll have to wear it around the house first, then maybe to the supermarket, the bookstore... And build some confidence before officially wearing it in public, hehe. =)

Melissa~ said...

I hate when lipsticks have bad smell, helena Rubinstein for example.
I like red, but in doesn't work on me. to much. If I use to strong colors, I look old. I have to be very carefull with my lipstick choices.

Kisses En!

En エヌ said...


I think matte, orange-red lipsticks make most women look very severe but 02 is a youthful pink-red, and maybe one of the few red lipsticks that would look strange on anyone over 40.

Do HR's glosses also have a bad smell?

Melissa~ said...

No, HR's glosses have a good smell. I have one, and smell so good.

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