Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Maquillage Spring Collection Review

Last month, Shiseido's Maquillage released a line of lipsticks, lip essence, 5 eye palettes, individual cream and powder eye shadows, a compact for the shadows, and 4 blush-highlighter palettes for their spring makeup collection. So far, the spring collection has been an incredible success and Maquillage continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic brands in Japan.


Maquillage happens to be one of my personal favourite brands, as well. The products are of good quality and the packaging is sophisticated and mature. I recently received a sample of their new lip colors from Shiseido, and other Maquillage product samples from my beauty consultant, which I will review.


There are two different types of Moisture Rouge Lipsticks in Maquillage's spring Collection: a sheer type and a color-on type. Nine different colors were released in the sheer type while there are 12 new colors in the color-on lipsticks, six of which are "clear fit" colors. Clear fit colors are lipsticks colors that are more brilliant, pigmented and blend well . The sample included RS304, PK705 and PK316 in the sheer Moisture Rouge lipstick and PK372, RS724, and RD336 in the color-on type. RD336 is a clear fit color lipstick.


RS304 and PK316 contain white shimmering particles while PK705 and PK372 contain very fine, yellow sparkles. RS724 contains a mix of white and yellow and RD336 contains just a hint of a medley, too. The colors I liked best were RS304, which is the lipstick Anna Tsuchiya wore for Maquillage's spring campaign, and RD336 which is the clear fit color. The sheer lipsticks were less pigmented than the color-on types but perhaps more shimmery. The color-on types were quite pigmented but still looked natural and not too matte. The Moisture Rouge lipsticks were very moisturizing and felt more like lip balm than actual lipstick. Overall, I would say that the quality was great. If you're looking for a shimmery, natural-looking lipstick, I would direct you to Maquillage.


The eye shadow palette sample I was given is the Eyes Creator (3D) in GY865. All of the palettes contain a highlighting base, a clear color, a shadow color, a flash color, and a cream liner. (Click on the above picture to get a closer look at how they are applied.) In the GY865 palette, the highlighting base is white while the clear color is light brown and shadow color is a dark brown. The flash color is a sparkly white, powder-base cream that adds more shimmer to your look when it is applied above the upper eyelid. The cream liner is black with fine, white particles. The clear color and shadow color are in fact, quite sheer and the overall look created with the palette is similar to what is produced with Maquillage's previous palette, the Sparkle Contrast Eyes in 2, except more shimmery. The highlighting base and cream liner have been improved, however. The sparkles in the highlighting base are fine and the liner is smoother and easier to apply. With these improvements, I am considering purchasing this palette but I am also interested in the other colors offered. The shadows, bases, and creams are also sold individually so you can create your own palette if none of Maquillage's palettes look attractive to you.



Eka said...

I've been overlooking Maquillage for a while but I might consider getting their eye palette. I'll wait for it in Adambeauty. :)

En エヌ said...

Their makeup isn't that innovative but the quality is quite good and if you're looking for something natural, Maquillage might be for you.

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