Wednesday, 6 May 2009

美肌一族 (Bihada Ichizoku) Perfect Box


「紗羅」シートマスク 1枚
「咲」シートマスク 1枚
「ルミ子」シートマスク 1枚


Last week, I finally got my hands on Bihada Ichizoku's Perfect Box that was released last month. The set includes:

1 Sara Sheet Mask
1 Saki Sheet Mask
1 Rumiko Sheet Mask
1 Bihada Ichizoku Chocolate Sheet mask
2 Overnight sets
All three volumes of the limited edition Bihada Ichizoku comics.

Both the Chocolate Sheet Mask and the manga are limited edition items and quite difficult to find. I purchased the Perfect Box from Marunouchi Loft but I've noticed that most other drugstores and variety shops do not carry this product. If you don't live near a Loft, you might have an easier time purchasing the box online.


I've wanted to read the Bihada Ichizoku manga for the longest time and was so happy to finally acquire the past two books and the latest volume in the series. The new chocolate mask is also included in the set which is great. If you are a Bihada Ichizoku fan, the Perfect Box is definitely not something to pass up. And for 2,375 yen including tax, it's a steal!


Sian said...

Heya, do you know of any sites that sell this box (or other Bihada Ichizoku items) and ship to the UK? Thanks! :)

En エヌ said...

CD Japan had some boxes and they might be selling more:
You might be able to find some on ebay, too. Wish I could be of more help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi. I bought the Perfect Box from cdjapan but I can't read Japanese and don't know the contents of the 'Overnight set'. May I ask what the different colored packets are for in the overnight set? Thanks! ^.^

En エヌ said...

Hello Anonymous,

The light blue packet is a cleansing gel that removes makeup. You should first apply it without water, massage it into your face to remove your makeup and then rinse your face.

The pink packet is a facial wash. First, pour the contents of the packet into your hands, add some water to create some foam and then apply the foamy cleanser to your face.

The white packet is a toner. You can apply it to your face with your hands or use a facial cotton pad instead.

The dark blue packet is an essence milk lotion. You can use it like any moisturizer. =)

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