Friday, 22 May 2009

NARS Single Eyeshadow in 2066 Tropic


Last week, the NARS summer makeup collection was finally released in Japan. Included in the collection was the Single Eyeshadow in 2066 "Tropic." Tropic is described as a teal shade on the NARS website but it is more of a slightly shimmery, turquoise blue shadow containing large silver particles. The powder is very fine and highly pigmented but the sparkly silver particles are difficult to get on the brush and do not stay on the eyelid. However, I feel that the silver flakes are too big and distracting anyway and Tropic looks lovely and mysterious enough without them. Tropic is great for an evening look and a very modern color. The eyeshadow costs 2625 yen including tax in Japan and does not come with a brush or sponge tip tool.

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