Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Missha Facial Skincare Set


美思エイヒョン スキントナー
美思エイヒョン ミルキーエマルジョン
リフレッシングパック キウィ
リフレッシングはがすパック キウィ
シートマスク ティーツリー


Last week, I purchased a skincare set from Missha, a very popular Korean cosmetics brand. The set included:

美思Eihyon Skincare Toner
美思Eihyon Milky Emulsion
Refreshing Pack in Kiwi
Refreshing Pack Peel-Off Type in Kiwi
Moist24 Hand Cream in Manuka Honey
Sheet Mask in Tea Tree

and 2 B.B cream samples. I've only tried out the Kiwi Refreshing Pack so far and unfortunately, little red spots broke out around my nose after using the mask. It did keep my skin hydrated so this might make a better winter (as opposed to summer) skincare item. I hope to review one of the B.B creams this week.

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