Friday, 1 May 2009

Rose of Versailles Oscar Mask


I finally had the opportunity to try out one of Creer Beaute's Rose of Versailles masks. The Oscar mask, named after the heroine of the The Rose of Versailles manga series, is the cosmetic line's most popular product. It contains rose water, pearl extract, acerola extract, hyaluronic acid, common purslane (portulaca oleracea) extract, citrus depressa/shekwasha (hirami lemon) peel extract, and citrus tachibana peel extract. Paraben-free, the mask is only slightly acidic, perhaps more gentle to the skin than most masks, and has a white rose scent.


The Oscar sheet mask is packed with essence. Smelling of roses and white tea, it is possibly my most favourite sheet mask in terms of fragrance. The size of the mask is the standard sheet mask size but the nose and mouth holes are rather large. I instantly felt a cooling sensation when I put the mask on which seemed to have calmed my red cheeks. After ten minutes, the mask is removed and remaining extract should be massaged into the skin. Although the Oscar mask essence is quite thick, once it dries, it is less sticky than most other masks. I did feel a slight tingling sensation after removing the mask, probably due to the rose water, and had some tiny, itchy red bumps across my face which disappeared within a half an hour or so. But despite the temporary allergic reaction I had to the mask ingredients, I think Creer Beaute's masks may be more suited for my skin than Bihada Ichizoku's sheet masks. It calmed my face and evened out my complexion. It was gentle, less sticky, and had a wonderful scent. I still have to try the Antoinette mask but so far, I am enjoying the Rose of Versailles skincare line.

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crazypoplock said...

I have this face mask slapped on my face right now currently while typing this comment lol. I bought it from Trying it on for the first time. I love these asian masks and see how this thing goes. ^_^

I'm following you now, please follow back. Thank you <3.

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