Thursday, 28 May 2009

Rose of Versailles Antoinette Lip Gloss


I seem to be collecting a lot of cute items as of late. Lip gloss is the latest product offered in Creer Beaute's The Rose of Versailles cosmetics line. There are four different glosses, each named after a female character from the Rose of Versailles manga. The glosses include Jeanne de Valois, Rosalie Lamorlière, Antoinette and the main character of the series, Oscar. Last week, I purchased Antoinette.


What I first noticed about the Antoinette gloss was how different it looked compared to the picture on the Rose of Versailles website. The actual gloss is sparkly and translucent but it looks like a very pigmented lip product Versailles' page. The Rose of Versailles gloss is a bit like Lancôme's Juicy Tubes except it is much smoother and completely sticky-free. It is also very sheer, even for a gloss, and instead of adding color to the lips, it just makes your lips look plump and shiny with a little sparkle. You could wear it over a lip color but I think Bihada Ichizoku's Gorgeous Tsuya Gloss is a much better product for something like that. I actually wanted to try out the Jeanne de Valois gloss but my local drugstore only carried Antoinette and Oscar which is how I ended up with Antoinette. I don't think I will be purchasing another Rose of Versailles lip gloss again and will be sticking with my more pigmented, longer-lasting Lancôme Juicy Tubes. 1029 yen including tax.

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