Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sonia Rykiel Eclateint Water Gel Foundation


My purchase of Sonia Rykiel's Eyeliner Pencil WP also came with a sample of the brand's new Eclateint Water Gel Foundation and Base Brillante released in March, as well as an extra sample of their other makeup base, L'Atout Eclat Sublime. The Eclateint Foundation is an 80% water, SPF25 PA++ powder foundation that comes in five different shades, ranging from 10 to 50.


Base Brillante is the newest makeup base offered by Sonia Rykiel. It is a thin, light, white makeup primer that smooths over and reduces the appearance of imperfections, allowing for a better foundation application. I had absolutely no pilling or drying problem with Brillante and it instantly blended into my skin. The L'Atout Eclat Sublime base was another story. L'Atout Eclat is a flesh-colored primer that contains fine pink pearls for a nice sparkle. The primer was too dark for my skin tone, making it look even more red and dry, and simply sat on my face instead of sinking into my skin. While the foundation was very even and smooth when I applied it over Base Brillante, it was very uneven and somewhat drying when used over the L'Atout Eclat base.


The Eclateint Foundation itself was quite wonderful. The sample I received was 30 which is probably closer to something between an OC10 and OC20 for other makeup brands though it's coverage may just make it appear lighter than it really is. It is yellow-based but not quite as yellow as most other Japanese foundations. When it touched my skin, the foundation was incredibly cool and soothing which is what I liked most about it. Other foundations can feel suffocating but Eclateint is light and actually feels nice on the face. The coverage is light to medium and the high water content causes it to blend well and look natural. Those who want heavier coverage might find Eclateint to be too sheer but even with my rosacea face, I prefer it's light coverage. Lunasol's Skin Fusing Powder Foundation and Shiseido's Hydro-power Perfect Smoothing Foundations are somewhat similar to Sonia Rykiel's foundation but Eclateint is the smoothest and softest of them all. I am very pleased with both Eclateint and Base Brillante and I would most definitely consider purchasing the foundation if they had it in my skin color.


Jodie said...

Hi! Wow! That's amazing that you are fluent in both English and Japanese. So where are you from originally? How do the products in Japan compare to those in your home country? In addition, which products in Japan would you most highly recommend?

En エヌ said...

Hi, Jodie! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

You could say that Japan is one of my home countries. I go back and forth between the US and Japan and grew up with both cultures in the household. I don't really use many American products besides Stila, Benefit, and a couple of the higher end brands. I don't think US brands, especially at the drugstore level, are comparable to Japanese, Korean, and European brands in both quality and design. The FDA is also very slow to approve of (safe) new skincare technologies which may be why American brands are not as innovative.

If I had to recommend one product for summer, I would highly recommend Shiseido d program's Smoothing Sunblock ( It provides the strongest UVB protect, isn't greasy, and gives the skin a slight air-brushed quality. You can use it as a makeup base, too. =)

Jodie said...

That should be fun. Being able to travel so often between countries. Where were you from originally? Is there a country that you prefer over the other?

By the way, thanks so much for the recommendation. I will certainly look into it more. :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the review. :D I have the Water Gel foundation and the L'Atout as well, and experience the same uneven, drying result from using both together. :( I thought it was the Water Gel's fault, but now it looks like I need to change the makeup base instead. :P

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