Wednesday, 3 June 2009

FANCL Cheek Color in Pink Bronze


I had a coupon for FANCL's online store that was going to expire by the end of last month so I decided to use it and order the FANCL "cheek color" (blush) in Pink Bronze and the highlighter in White Mix. On the Japanese FANCL website, the Pink Bronze blush looks significantly lighter than the blush in Rose Pink, which is why I went with that face color, but in the mail order catalog, the Rose Pink shade seems a little lighter. All of the face/cheek colors look very different on the English FANCL site, too. I have not had the opportunity to see the other blushes in person but I can say that the Pink Bronze shade most closely resembles what you see on the Japanese website.

チークカラーはとても小さなプラスチックケースに入っていて、開けるのが少し面倒でした。やっと開けたと思ったら爪がパウダーに入ってしまって、めちゃくちゃになりまし た。チークカラーがとても小さいため、上手くブラシに付けにくかったです。パウダー自体はとても柔らかくて細かく、非常にシアで少し綺麗なキラキラが 入っていました。すぐに肌と馴染んで自然にほんのり日焼けしたように見えました。ファンケルのハイライターと一緒に使ってみたら、なんとかロゼケアが皮膚病というよりただの自然な赤さに見えました。ファンケルの チークカラーの品質は結構良くて低刺激ですが、ピンクブロンズがあまりにも薄いのでOC01より黒い肌では色が見えないと思 います。でも、このチークパウダーはとてもお手頃な値段で、たったの950円です。ローズピンク色にとても興味がありますので、もしかしたら今月にそのカ ラーを手に入れてレビューをするかもしれません。ファンケルもスキニーピーチというピーチ・黄色のチークカラーを出しています。

The cheek color comes in a very small plastic case and I had some trouble getting it open. When I finally did, I accidentally sank my fingernails into the powder and got it all over the place. Because the blush was so small, I also had a hard time getting the cheek color powder on my brush. The powder itself was incredibly soft and fine, and very sheer with a pretty but subtle shimmer. It instantly blended into my skin and gave it a sun-kissed look. I used it with the highlighter (which I will review next) and the two somehow made it look as though my rosacea was just a natural flush. The quality of FANCL's blush is quite good and non-irritating but the cheek color is so incredibly sheer that I doubt it will show up on anyone beyond an OC01. However, the great thing about FANCL's cheek powder is that it is completely affordable at 950 yen. I am very interested in the Rose Pink shade now so perhaps I will get my hands on it and review it sometime later this month. FANCL also offers the cheek color in Skinny Peach which is a more peach-yellow based shade.

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