Monday, 1 June 2009

Missha Shiny B.B. Cream


I finally got the chance to try out the Shiny B.B Cream sample that came with the Missha Skincare set I bought two weeks back. Missha is a Korean cosmetics brand with stores across Japan. Unlike most B.B Creams, Missha's Shiny B.B Cream contains tiny white pearls that give off a pretty sparkle. When I tested the B.B cream, I found that it was quite dark and although B.B. creams are supposed to blend with your skin color, I think you need to be, at least, an OC02 in order for the cream to work for you. However, anyone beyond an OC04 might find the cream to be too light for their skin tone, as well.


When I first applied the B.B cream to my face, it had a slightly orange hue that later turned into an ashy-clay color. The coverage was light to medium and the cream felt somewhat similar to a regular liquid foundation but maybe a bit lighter. It was smooth and spread evenly across my face. The sparkling pearls were also incredibly fine and did not dry out my skin but I'm personally not a fan of sparkles in foundation or makeup bases. I prefer highlighting specific areas with pearly powder instead of covering my whole face in shimmer and the Shiny B.B cream contains lots of pretty white shimmer. After a while, my face did feel a bit itchy and prickly but I think sensitive skin just doesn't go very well with B.B creams in general. In conclusion, the Missha Shiny B.B cream was an adequate base makeup product but many will probably have trouble with the color of the cream.

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