Thursday, 25 June 2009

Maquillage Full Vision Mascara & Liner


I recently acquired Shiseido Maquillage's Full Vision Mascara & Liner in VI635 which was released last month. Both the liner and the mascara are waterproof. VI635 is a beautiful deep, metallic, plum-purple shade with fine violet shimmer. The highly pigmented liquid liner takes a while to dry but once it does, it has a very pretty sparkle and works great with purple shadows and smokey-eye looks. If you have unsteady hands like me, you will probably have a difficult time applying the eyeliner at first but with some practice, it will get easier.


The Full Vision Mascara "3 Effector" brush has a very unusual shape. It has very short bristles on one side and long bristles that slope down and up on the other side. First, you are supposed to apply the mascara to your top lashes using the short bristles in an upward, sawing motion. Then you use the other side of the brush with the long, sloping bristles on all of your lashes. This side of the brush is supposed to help separate the lashes. Finally, you use the tip of the wand to apply any mascara to lashes you may have missed. Full Vision is a fiber-formula mascara that lengthens your lashes and leaves them looking beautiful and feathery. But I found that the mascara was a bit flaky and the purple color was only visible on the ends of my lashes under natural sunlight. The shape of the brush also made it more difficult for me to apply mascara to all of the my lashes, although the shimmer is a nice touch.


I purchased Maquillage's Full Vision Mascara & Liner because I was interested in the colored mascara but I find myself much more impressed with the eyeliner. I was considering purchasing the green Full Vision before I tried out the purple shade and I am just not satisfied enough with the performance of the mascara to want to buy GR534 now. If the liquid eyeliner was sold separately, I would probably get it but I do not want to pay 2625 yen for a product that I only half-use. The mascara is by no means a poor mascara but the fiber formula just not work well for me.


kuri said...

Nice to read your review! I tried on the green version in a shop and really liked the liner. It's a pity the mascara doesn't work so well, but I may get the duo just for the liner anyway.

En エヌ said...

Thank you for the kind words, kuri.

The mascara isn't horrible but I don't think it performs as well as Maquillage's regular mascaras. The liner takes a while to dry but otherwise, it seems like a nice product. Please let me know how the green works out for you.

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