Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm


Skinfood is one of the most popular and fastest-growing budget, cosmetic brands in Korea, with locations in The United Arab Emirates, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. According to their official website, Skinfood will be opening a store in Japan sometime soon and I cannot wait till they do!

ハニーポットリップバームは少し色の付いたペトロラタム タイプのバームで、2つの色と香りがあります:ベリーとマンダリンです。私が買ったのはハニーポット ベリーで、強いラズベリーの香りがあり、ベリーの赤色をしています。このバームはかなりグロッシーですが、ベトベトせず、これひとつだけつけてもいいですが、他のリップカラーの上から輝きをプラスするために使ってもいいと思います。とても可愛らしいポットに入っていて、バームをつけるためのキュートなハニースティックも付いています。上品でお手頃な商品なので唇がとても乾きやすい人に向いていますし、小さなお土産や贈り物としても良いです。ゼリータイプのバームと同じように、スキンフードのハニーポットリップバームは唇を長時間グロッシーに、そしてスムーズにしてくれます。

The Honey Pot Lip Balm is a tinted, petroleum jelly-type balm that comes in two different colors/flavors: Berry and Mandarin. I purchased the Honey Pot Berry which has a strong raspberry scent and berry-red tint. It is quite glossy but not sticky and can be worn alone or over another lip color for some shine. It comes in an adorable pot with a cute honey stick for application. It is a decent, inexpensive product for those with very dry lips and can make a nice little souvenir or gift. Like most jelly-type balms, Skinfood's Honey Pot Lip Balm will keep your lips glossy and smooth for a long time.


Cacaopack said...

i have been wondering would it be sticky on the lips, something which i absolutely don't like, LOL.

glad to read it isn't so from your review, shall pop by the outlet to play with the tester, so tempted to buy and try out :)

Melissa~ said...

Is the most gorgeous bottle I ever seen in my life!
And the color is so cute.
I love it.

En エヌ said...

Hello Cacaopack,

Thank you for commenting. =)

I thought it would be sticky, too, especially with the name "Honey Pot." Hope it works out for you.

Hi Melissa,

Thank you. =)

The "cuteness" of the bottle, more than the actual product itself, is what compelled me to purchase it. lol

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