Friday, 19 June 2009

Maquillage & Alexander Wang New Lip Colors


In collaboration with the young fashion designer Alexander Wang, Shiseido's Maquillage will release a new lip gloss line (Perfect Gloss) of eight colors, six new Moisture Rouge Color On shades, six new Moisture Rouge Sheer Type colors, and five new Eyes Creator 3D palettes on July 21st. I happened to receive samples of their lip gloss line and new Moisture Rouge shades.


The Perfect Gloss samples I received are PK353 and OR264, which is a Maquillage and Alexander Wang collaboration color. The glosses are very shimmery, juicy, and great for a pouty-look. They are more pigmented than I expected (I thought that they would be very sheer but they are a little more pigmented than your average gloss) and thick and heavy without being sticky. PK353 is a slightly orange-pink with fine gold shimmer. OR264 is a peach-orange shade with white sparkles and a nice lip color try for those who have always wanted to wear an orange shade but were too afraid to actually do it.

(もしモイスチャールージュの質感やクオリティに興味がある方は、この記事を読んでみて下さい。)モイスチャールージュのシアータイプであるRS721もマキアージュとアレキサンダー・ワンのコラボレートカラーです。これはパープルトープ・ブラウン色に白いキラキラが入っていて自然な感じに見せるには十分な感じの薄さですが、合う人と合わない人がいると思います。私にはちょっと地味な感じになってしまいました。モイスチャールージュ カラーオンのPK373はオレンジブラウン ピンクに黄色いスパークルが入っていて、RS721と同様に合う人と合わない人がいると思います。PK244はミディアムピンクに黄色いキラキラが入っていて、1月に発売されたマキアージュの他の色に近いです。例えば、RS304シア―タイプなどです。しかし、「クリアーフィット」RS305はハッキリした濃いフューシャ色に白いキラキラで、ファッション・フォーワードで人目をひく色です。

(If you are interested in the actual texture and quality of the Moisture Rouge lipsticks, read this post.) The Moisture Rouge Sheer Type in RS721, too, is a Maquillage and Alexander Wang collaborative color. It is a purple-taupe brown with fine white shimmer that is sheer enough to look natural but one of those colors that only works for some. It looked a bit dull on me. The Moisture Rouge Color-On in PK373 is an orange-brown pink with yellow sparkles that, like RS721, is not for everyone. PK244 is a medium-pink shade with yellow shimmer that is very similar to some of the other Maquillage shades released in January, such as the RS304 sheer type. "Clear Fit" RS305, however, is a bold deep-fuchsia with white shimmer that is both fashion-forward and eye-catching.

1月に出たマキアージュ リップカラーはとても無難な色で、ちょっと面白みのない色でしたが、RS305は全てを一新したと思います。マキアージュがコレクションにこの力強いカラーを追加してくれたことが嬉しいので、早く手に入れたいと思います。試したリップグロスカラーにはあまり興味がありませんでしたが、他のアレキサンダー・ワンとのコラボレートカラー(PK445、RD536、RS587)が来月発売になるみたいです。

Last January, I found the Maquillage lip colors to be very safe and somewhat boring but I think RS305 has changed everything for me. I am so happy that Maquillage had decided to add a very strong color to their collection and I cannot wait till I get my hands on the lipstick. Even though the lip gloss shades I tested did not really interest me, it does look like there will be some exciting Alexander Wang lip gloss colors (PK445, RD536, RS587) coming out next month.

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