Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer and Pearl Luster Eye Shadows 1

左から右(from left to right): Cedar, Eden, Zen

Alima Pureのアイシャドウもファンデーションやブラッシュパウダーと同様にハイクオリティです。アイシャドウには3つのタイプがあり、 Luminous ShimmerPearl LusterSatin Matteです。Luminous Shimmerシャドウは綺麗な輝きのキラキラがたくさん入っています。Pearl Lusterはメタリックに近い感じで、Luminous Shadowsよりもキラキラは弱めです。私はSatin Matte Shadowsのサンプルを買いませんでしたが、先日買ったSatin Matteのブラッシュに似ているだろうと思います。

Much like their foundation and blush powders, Alima Pure's eyeshadows are high quality. There are three different types of eyeshadows: Luminous Shimmer, Pearl Luster, and Satin Matte. Luminous Shimmer shadows are packed with very fine shimmer for a pretty sparkle. The Pearl Luster shadows look almost metallic and contain fair less shimmer than the Luminous powders. I did not purchase a sample of the Satin Matte shadows but I imagine they are similar to the Satin Matte blushes I reviewed the other day.

Cedar, Eden, Zen


Cedar looks like a mix of old gold and deep green with green shimmer. Eden is an antique gold shade with green shimmer. And Zen is a metallic grey with a hint of green pearls. If you are going for a sheer or minimalist look on the eyes, apply the eyeshadow powders with a dry brush. For bold and long-lasting color, apply the shadows to the lid with a damp brush. The shadows appear highly pigmented when applied wet and should last for a very long time.

アイシャドウのパフォーマンスには非常に感激しましたし、すっかりAlimaのファンになってしまいました。もしミネラルメイクアップファンデーションやブラッシュに関心がない方にも、Alimaのアイシャドウだけは是非試してもらいたいです。フルサイズ(.08 oz/2.5 g)は9ドル(USD)でサンプルはたったの1ドルです。

I am very impressed with the performance of the Luminous Shimmer and Pearl Luster eyeshadows and have become a complete Alima fan. If you do not care for mineral makeup foundations and blushes, I highly urge you to at least try Alima's eyeshadows. One full-size jar (.08 oz/2.5 g) is 9 dollars (USD) and samples cost only 1 dollar each.


Melissa~ said...

I like the colors, looks very elegant.

En エヌ said...

Hello Melissa,

They do look very elegant. Alima has so many eyeshadow shades... I wish I could try each and every one of them. =)

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