Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Alima Pure Satin Matte & Luminous Shimmer Blush

左から右(from left to right): Tulip, Apple Blossom, Rosa

Alima Pure(アリマピュア)からベースメイクのサンプルを注文したのに加え、私はブラシとアイシャドウも注文しました。私が注文したブラッシュはTulip、Apple Blossom、Rosaです。Alimaには2種類のブラッシュがあります: Satin MatteLuminous Shimmerです。Satin Matteはエアブラシのような感じで、Luminous Shimmerは顔に柔らかい輝きを与えてくれます。TulipとAppleはSatin Matteブラッシュ、RosaはLuminous ブラッシュです。ファンデーションと同様に、このブラッシュも柔らかくてきめ細かいです。

In addition to ordering base makeup samples from Alima Pure, I also ordered samples of their blushes and eye shadows. The blushes I ordered were Tulip, Apple Blossom, and Rosa. Alima carries two different types of blushes: Satin Matte and Luminous Shimmer. Satin Matte gives has an airbrushed quality to it while Luminous Shimmer adds a soft glow to the face. Tulip and Apple Blossom are Satin Matte blushes while Rosa is a Luminous Shimmer blush. Like the foundations, the blush powders are soft and finely milled.

これらは容器に入っていると似た様にしか見えませんが、TulipとApple Blossomにはちょっと違いがあります。Tulipはクールな薄いピンクで頬につけるとApple Blossomより僅かに明るいです。デリケートな陶器の人形のようなルックにしてくれます。Apple Blossomはもう少し濃いピンクで、自然な赤らみに見せてくれます。これはナチュラルルックやノーメイクルックを目指そうとしている方にはピッタリだと思います。残念ながら、両方とも非常に薄いので本当に明るい肌の人でないと色が見えにくいかもしれません。Rosaはより暗いブラッシュで、濃いラディッシュピンクに多くの美しいキラキラが入っています。キラキラは細かいので肌に付けてもあまり目立ちませんが、素敵で穏やかな輝きを与えてくれます。個人的にはRosaは少し暗過ぎますし、キラキラしていてより可愛いですがロザケアを思い起こさせます。多分、明るめかミディアムくらいの明るさの肌の方に最も適していて、とても白い方やミディアムから暗めの肌の方には適さないと思います。Alimaの良いところはブラッシュの色の種類が豊富だということで、どんな人でもその人に合ったものが見つかると思います。

Though they look very similar in their containers, there are some subtle differences between Tulip and Apple Blossom. Tulip is a cool pale pink and just a hint lighter than Apple Blossom on the cheeks. It can be used to complete a delicate, porcelain doll-look. Apple Blossom is a deeper pink that looks like a natural flush on the face. Apple Blossom would work well for those trying to achieve a natural or minimal/no-makeup look. Unfortunately, both blushes are so pale that they probably only appear on light complexions. Rosa is a darker blush. It has a deep reddish-pink color with a lot of beautiful shimmer. The shimmer appears much more subtle on the skin because it is so fine but it gives a nice, gentle glow to the face. Personally, Rosa is a little too dark for me and reminds me of my rosacea, though a more shimmery, prettier version of it. I think it would work best on light to medium complexions but not on a pale or medium to dark face. The nice thing about Alima is that they carry a large range of blush shades, so whatever your skin color or shade, you should be able to find a blush that works for you.

私はApple Blossomが好きですが、サンプルを使い終えたらTulipブラッシュのフルサイズを買おうと思っています。Satin MatteとLuminous Shimmerのフルサイズ(.16oz/5g)は15ドル(USD)です。ちなみにサンプルはたったの1ドルですので、まずはサンプルを購入してみることをオススメします。

I think I will be purchasing a full-size jar of Alima Pure's Tulip blush when I run out of the sample although I do like Apple Blossom. A full-size jar (.16oz/5g) of one of Alima Pure's Satin Matte or Luminous Shimmer blushes is 15 dollars (USD), while samples cost only 1 dollar each. I highly recommend purchasing and trying out the samples first.


Melissa~ said...

I like what you write about cosmetics, because it shows that you know what are you talking about.
If I could, I'll buy some of this cosmetics.

En エヌ said...

Hi Melissa,

Thank you so much for your kind words. There is a lot that I don't know or understand when it comes to cosmetics but I'm trying to learn.

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