Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in 07 Jewel Flash

私は最近、ジルスチュワートジェリーアイカラーN 07ジュエルフラッシュを買いました。ジュエルフラッシュは明るいライラックシャドウで、付けると容器の中に入った状態と全く同じ色合いを見せてくれます。ピンクとパープルのラメはジェリーカラーに素晴らしいキラキラを与えています。07ジュエルフラッシュと08クリスタルスカイはパープルカラーということになっていますが、ジュエルフラッシュは間接光のもとで暗めのグレーかブラウンに見えるクリスタルスカイよりもパープル味が強いです。個人的には優スウィートで優雅なフェアリールックのジュエルフラッシュが好きですが、クリスタルスカイ。私が以前書いたジェリーアイズとクリスタルスカイの詳しいレビューがありますので、ご興味のある方は是非ご覧下さい。ジェリーアイズのキラキラを取り除くのは非常に困難なので、洗い流すメイク落としに加えて拭き取りタイプのメイク落としを使用することを強くオススメします。

I recently purchased the Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in 07 Jewel Flash. Jewel Flash is a bright lilac shadow that, on the eyes, looks exactly how it appears in the container. The pink and purple shimmer give the Jelly Color an especially wonderful sparkle. Though both 07 Jewel Flash and 08 Crystal Sky are supposed to be purple shades, Jewel Flash is much more purple as Crystal Sky has a tendency to look a like a dull grey or brown under indirect light. I personally prefer Jewel Flash -it is great for a sweet, dainty, fairy-like look. But others may choose Crystal Sky instead because it a slightly more grown up shadow. You can read a more detailed review of the Jelly Eyes and Crystal Sky here. It can be a challenge to remove the glitter in the Jelly Eyes so I highly recommend using a wipe-off makeup remover in addition to a wash-off type makeup remover.


saintangelius said...

Oh! It's not often you get a nice cream type eyeshadow that comes out like it looks in the tube/jar. Stila ones come out a little more sheer.

Melissa~ said...

I love the color.
It is a challenge remove that kind of make up haha!.
I like when they're cream eyeshadow.

Kisses En!

En エヌ said...

Hello saintangelius,

I think the rich jelly texture has something to do with it. It doesn't really blend into the skin. But I recently tried out Jill Stuart's mono eyeshadows and they look very different on the eyes which was a disappointment. =( I'll try to review them this weekend.

Hi Melissa,

The Jelly eyes feels very cool and nice on the lid but yes, the shimmer can be really difficult to remove. Even after taking a shower, sometimes, there's still some glitter left on my face.

Anonymous said...

Lovely color! I fall in love at first sigh! ^ ^

En エヌ said...


I think it's one of their best jelly shades, too.

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