Friday, 7 August 2009

MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous

ファンタビュラスMACのスプリング ダブルダズル コレクションの最新ダズルグラスの中の1つです。フュージアにバイオレットの輝きが入った色です。このグロスはほのかに明るく、私の唇には自然な感じに見えますが、実際にボトルの中に入ってる状態で見える色とほとんど同じです。非常に濃いですがベタつかず、多くのMACのリップ製品と同様にクリームブリュレの香りがします。

Funtabulous is one of the latest Dazzleglasses offered by MAC in their spring Double Dazzle collection. It is a fuchsia shade with violent shimmer. The gloss is slightly less bright and more natural-looking on my lips but for the most part, closely resembles how it appears in the bottle. The formula is quite thick but not sticky and has that wonderful crème brûlée smell that many MAC lip products seem to have. As Funtabulous is an eye-catching, "dazzling" shade, it is not very work-appropriate but great for the weekend or a night on the town. Since the color does wear off somewhat quickly, it is probably best to apply it over another lip color for long-lasting color, especially if you have (naturally) light-colored lips. Be sure that your lips are completely healed before you apply Dazzleglass. I had a very tiny crack in the corner of my lip and the shimmer in the gloss made it really sting.

ダズルグラスはボトルも小さめで内容量も他のMACの製品よりも少ないのにもかかわらず、お値段は高いという不満もあります。なぜMACが量を減らして金額を高めに設定したのかは分かりませんが、是非とも顧客からのフィードバックを参考にして頂きたいと思います。私はUS MACのウェブサイトからファンタビュラスを注文して18ドル(USD)でしたが、日本のカウンターで買うと2,730円(税込)で、約950円(10ドル)も高いです。

There have also been complaints that the Dazzleglass bottles are smaller and contain less product than other MAC glosses despite being more expensive. I do not understand why MAC is charging more for less but hopefully they will listen to some of the feedback they have received from their customers. I purchased Funtabulous through the US MAC website for 18 dollars (USD) but the gloss is 2730 yen, over 950 yen (10 dollars) more expensive at MAC counters in Japan.


(For some reason the swatch of Funtabulous on the Japanese MAC site looks completely different from what is displayed on the US MAC site. The swatch on the US site is a much more accurate representation of the Dazzleglass shade.)


Melissa~ said...

It is a very strong color.
But you're right, works on a night party.
Thanks for visit my blog, and my pupe ^^

En エヌ said...


Thank you for stopping by. =)

I wasn't expecting it to be so bold but it is very sparkly.

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