Saturday, 15 August 2009

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer and Pearl Luster Eye Shadows 3

左から右(from left to right): Azure, Aubergine, Aegean

Alima PureのAzure、Aubergine、Aegean Luminous Shimmerアイシャドウは一目見れば明らかな様に、とても大胆です。Azureは濃いブルーにグリーンのキラキラ、Aubergineは濃いパープルにパープルピンクのキラキラが入っています。Aegeanは明るい青緑にグリーンのキラキラが入っていてアクアのようです。全てのパウダーは乾いていても発色が良いです。

Alima Pure's Azure, Aubergine and Aegean Luminous Shimmer eyeshadows are quite bold, not that it needs pointing out. Azure is a deep blue with green shimmer while Aubergine is a deep purple with purple-pink shimmer. Aegean is a bright teal shade with green shimmer that looks almost aqua. All of the powders are quite pigmented even when dry.

Azure, Aubergine, Aegean


For some reason, Azure looks grey in the swatch photos but it does, in fact, retain its blue color even when wet. I think the light reflecting on the shimmer caused it to look more grey than teal, which is why I have taken an additional photo of the shadow.

(A better look at Azure)

どれもとても素晴らしいので、どのAlimaシャドウが一番好きかを決めるのは難しいです。Aegeanは容器に入っていても、目に付けても人目を引く素晴らしさですし、Aubergineもこの上なく素晴らしいです。フルサイズ(.08 oz/2.5 g)のLuminous Shimmerアイシャドウは9ドル(USD)で、サンプルは1ドルです。

I cannot decide which Alima eyeshadow I like best. All of them are really wonderful. Aegean is definitely eye-catching, both in the container and on the eye and Aubergine is quite exquisite, too. One full-size jar (.08 oz/2.5 g) of the Luminous Shimmer eyeshadow is 9 dollars (USD) and samples cost only 1 dollar each.

Smoke, Masquerade, Aloe

Alima Pureをオーダーすると注文した物に合うようなサンプルを3つくれます。ミネラルメイクアップのサンプルには小さなジップロックの袋に入っています。私がもらったのはLuminous Shimmer eyeshadow Smoke、Shimmer eyeliner Masquerade、そして Satin Matte eyeshadow Aloeです。今までミネラルアイライナーを使ったことが無かったので、Masqueradeを試すのが楽しみです。

Each Alima Pure order also comes with 3 free samples chosen to coordinate with your purchase. They come in tiny ziploc bags, which is quite common for mineral makeup samples. The three samples I received were the Luminous Shimmer eyeshadow Smoke, Shimmer eyeliner Masquerade, and Satin Matte eyeshadow Aloe. I have never used a mineral eyeliner before and am excited to test Masquerade out.

これでAlima Pureの商品のポストはしばらくお休みです。お楽しみ頂けたら幸いです。来週はスティラ、ランコム、ジルスチュアート、そしてソニアリキルのポイントメイクと、多分アディクションの物をレビューします。

This is my last post on Alima Pure products for a while. I hope you have enjoyed this series. Next week is Stila, Lancôme, Jill Stuart, and Sonia Rykiel point makeup reviews and maybe something on Addiction, too.


saintangelius said...

Oh my! Those blues are gorgeous *_* I really like that purple. Would make a striking liner. Maybe blend it with a little of Benefit's She-laq ? How do you apply these shades if you didn't want them so strong?

Melissa~ said...

I love the third one.
This colors will look awesome in one of my photoshoots. I'll serch for similar colors here.

En エヌ said...

Helllo saintangelius,

I have never tried Benefit's She-laq before but it sounds like it would work well with mineral makeup.

If the shadows are too sheer dry, I recommend picking up less powder with a wet brush (than you would if you used a dry brush) and dabbing the brush on your arm or a tissue before applying the shadow to your lid. It's a lot like using watercolors or other paints. I used very little powder for the swatches in the photos so you probably won't need much to get a nice but not overly strong shade.

Hello Melissa,

I would love to see a photo shoot of yours with those colors. Your photos are always breathtaking.

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