Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lunasol Shining Pencil in Gold


For their 2009 Summer Makeup Collection, Lunasol released the Shining Pencil in EX01 Gold and EX02 Silver. I purchased the pencil in EX01 gold which is a light gold shade packed with gold pearls. The Shining Pencil is not a traditional eyeliner and is in fact, more like a highlighter for the eyes. The pencil crayon itself is sheer but the gold pearls gives the skin a super sparkly and glossy appearance when applied. You can use it to line the eyes or wear it over an eyeshadow to make it twinkle. Although the shimmer is incredibly beautiful, it is so sparkly that it may be too sparkly in some circumstances. The pencil is not a substitute for eyeliner and should only be used if you want to add more shimmer to your eye makeup. The pearls do stay in place, so they will not fall into your eyes or get stuck in your eyelashes, but they are difficult to remove if you do not use proper eye makeup remover. The pencil itself is short and thick but so smooth that it just glides over the skin.


Most will probably find the Shining Pencil in gold too light and sparkly. Although it is a wonderful product quality-wise, it is not a must-have makeup item and definitely not something you would use very often. The Shining Pencils are in limited supply and were released in May but you may still able to purchase them from Lunsaol counters in your area. 2,415 yen with tax, sharpener included.


Melissa~ said...

I'm not a fan of gold color.
But looks like a soft gold.

Thanks for share with us.
Kisses En!

saintangelius said...

Hmm... This might be easy to pull off for work. But i can forsee the gold one to be a good product to line your lower waterline for that instant radiance particularly during the autumn winter season. If it's available at counter when I do my Lunasol haul I'll pick it up to try ^_^ Malaysia' one and only Lunasol counter is a couple months behind...

En エヌ said...


Thank you for coming by again. =)
It is a very light gold but very sparkly.


I wish Japanese offices would be more relaxed like their Malaysian counterparts. The pencil is a little too glittery and distracting for most workplaces here but it does look wonderful on the lower eyeline. It reminds me of the bridal makeup in traditional Indian weddings.

Is Lunasol fairly new to Malaysia? They definitely need more than one counter!

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