Friday, 28 August 2009

Lancôme Declaring Indigo Palette Liberté in Indigo Royauté

パレットリベルテのインディゴ ロワイヨテ(アメリカではインディゴチャームとして知られています)は4色の青とゴールドのアイシャドウで、ランコムディクレアリング インディゴ コレクションのひとつとして発売されました。これは今年の秋のメイクコレクションで私の興味を引いた数少ないコレクションのひとつです。多くのランコムのアイシャドウと同じく、インディゴ ロワイヨテのパウダーはきめ細かく、スムースで非常に発色が良いです。左から順に、リバティーはエレクトリック、濃いロイヤルブルーです。オダシティはパール感のあるブロンズゴールドです。チャーミングは明るい、メタリックに近いゴールドで、デクレアレーションはラメ入りのインディゴです。リバティーとデクレアレーションはコンパクト上では非常に似ていますが、デクレアレーションはインディゴ色なので目に付けるとちょっとパープルっぽいです。

The Palette Liberté in Indigo Royaute (known as Indigo Charm in the US) is an eyeshadow quad of blues and golds released as part of Lancôme's Declaring Indigo Collection, one of the few fall makeup collections that has captured my attention this year. As with most Lancôme eyeshadows, the Indigo Royauté powders are finely-milled, smooth and very pigmented. From left to right, Liberty is an electric, deep royal blue. Audacity is a pearly bronze-gold. Charming is a bright, almost-metallic gold and Declaration is a sparkling indigo. Liberty and Declaration look quite similar in the compact but because Declaration is an indigo hue, it has a somewhat purple finish on the eyes.

過去に大量に使われ過ぎたため古くさい感じがあり、ブルーシャドウは使い方を間違いやすいですが、このインディゴ ロワイヨテのブルーシャドウはファッションの最先端です。大胆でシック、そしてミステリアスです。一方、ゴールドシャドウはアイラインに良いタッチを与えますし、それだけで使用しても良いです。ひとつの不満はパレットに付いてるスポンジチップがちょっとゴワゴワしている点です。私はラッキートレンディーのTina's dresserのシャドウチップを使う方が良いと思います。

Although it is very easy to go wrong with blue shadows, as they have been overused in the past, the blue shades in Indigo Royauté are very fashion-forward. They are bold, chic and mysterious. The gold shades, meanwhile, add a wonderful touch to the eye line and also look great alone. My only complaint about palette is that the accompanying sponge tips are somewhat rough. I prefer using Lucky Trendy's Tina's dresser eyeshadow tips instead.

期間限定ですが、ランコムでメイク商品を8,400円以上購入すると、ランコムオリジナルのディクレアリング インディゴ キット ポーチをもらえます。草間彌生さんのデザインで、日本で最も有名な前衛芸術家の一人です。数量限定で1ヶ月前に発売されたので、どこのランコムカウンターでもポーチはもう手に入らないかもしれません。他のランコムのポーチや小物入れと同じように、ディクレアリング インディゴ キットは高品質で、あなたの最新コスメアイテムを収納するのに最適です。

For a limited time, you can receive a Declaring Indigo Kit pouch with any Lancôme Japan makeup purchase totaling 8,400 yen or more. The pouch was designed by Yayoi Kusama, one of Japan's most well-known avant-guarde artists today. Since they are in limited supply and were released over a month ago, the pouches may no longer be available at most Lancôme counters. Like all of Lancôme's pouches and purses, the Declaring Indigo Kit is of high quality and great for storing your latest beauty items.


Blair said...

Sweetie, can you please do a look with this palette? I'd love to see it in action! =D

Melissa~ said...

I fell in love with this eyeshadows. The indigo colors are gorgeous. And I like the combination with gold. It must look very good on the eyes.
The push is gorgeous. Kusama's work is very good. I like it.
I'll serch that eyeshadow here. I really like it.

En エヌ said...

Hi Blair,

I've been toying with the idea of creating a separate, password-protected blog for eye makeup or complete looks. If I do go through with it, I promise to do something with Indigo Royauté. It is a very popular palette so I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who have posted some nice looks.


I think the palette is available at all Lancôme counters everywhere so I don't think you should have any trouble finding it. The pouch is a Lancôme Japan exclusive item, unfortunately. But the shadows are very bold and quite stunning!

With Love, Elle said...

this lancome palette just came to Aus! it's beautiful, very pigmented, i love the ad, can u do a look using this for moi? TIA!

En エヌ said...

Hello Elle,

I promise to do it if I decide to go through with a separate look blog. Thank you for stopping by. =)

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