Thursday, 30 April 2009

Back in Business! 復活!


I've been insanely busy with work this week and was unable to update this blog. I haven't properly slept in three days and too tired to write a review today. However, I have lots of products to share with you and promise to return to regularly posting reviews starting tomorrow.

Products to expect:

-Sonia Rykiel Pencil Eyeliner
-Sonia Rykiel Foundation
-Lancome Color Fever Gloss
-Cosme Decorte Lipstick
-Versaillesの薔薇 Face Masks
-美肌一族 Chocolate mask (Bihada Ichizoku)
-美肌一族 Perfect Box Set (Bihada Ichizoku)
-d Program Mask
-Suqqu Skincare
-Revital Granas Skincare
-Asience shampoo

See you tomorrow!

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